Monday, March 31, 2014

Court Rules That Negro Killer is Too Delusional and Moronic to Punish

The average I.Q. of the American negro is 85. This means that a significant percentage of negroes return scores that are not really exceptionally low by negro standards but would be considered mentally retarded in a White or Asian. Combine this with typical negro Dunning-Kruger delusion and you get something that isn't compatible with White civilization or White jurisprudence. The level of awareness and intelligence the justice system expects of the so-called "reasonable man" is simply beyond your typical "African American." This is why we need prison amnesty. It's wrong to punish idiotic negroes for their horrific crimes. So very wrong.

The Supreme Court of Georgia has thrown out the conviction and death sentence of a man convicted in Macon County of the murder of a bank vice president.

Did new evidence surface exonerating this "man?" New witnesses? An angle no one ever considered turned up by those tireless and heroic people that try to overturn capital murder convictions? Well, no.

In today’s unanimous decision, Justice Keith Blackwell writes that the evidence supports a lower court’s conclusion that Artemus Rick Walker was incompetent due to mental illness when he was tried and convicted of the 1999 murder of Lynwood Ray Gresham.

What we call mental illness is actually the normal disposition of the negro. Lack of future orientation. Poor impulse control. Inability to link cause and effect. Hatred for Whites. This is the sickness of a failed race, not a poor negro with a one in a million insanity.

This is the second time the case has been before the high court. When Walker’s case first came up for appeal, the Georgia Supreme Court upheld his death sentence and murder conviction.

For some reason we kept reviewing this open-and-shut case of animal savagery. In a sane nation this monster would have been put down long ago.

Walker devised a plan to rob Gresham, who was vice president of the bank located next door to the service station Walker owned.

Wait, this "mentally ill" and "incompetent" simian owned a business and developed a premeditated plan for his "robbery gone wrong" instead of just targeting the first available White? This puts this turd into about the 95th percentile of negro criminal functioning. If we can't punish this savage we're going to have to release almost every other identical looking and behaving negro criminal.

Prison amnesty here we come.

Several days before the crimes, Walker hired Gary Lee Griffin to work at his service station. He asked Griffin if he would help him “rob and kill” a “rich” man. On May 12, 1999, Walker borrowed an automobile and drove with Griffin to his hotel where they picked up Griffin's bicycle before driving to Walker's apartment.

Again, note the planning and premeditation that went into this. "We gwine bag us de rich man." Take note, nation-wreckers. The animals you've unleashed on the West are going to turn on you more and more as Whites vanish and flee.

When Walker and Gresham began struggling, Walker told Griffin to use the stun gun on Gresham, but Griffin refused. Griffin also refused when Walker told him to stab Gresham with the knife. Griffin then gave the knife to Walker, who stabbed Gresham 12 times in the chest and back.

Obviously not competent. This is like the negro version of Mission Impossible for crying out loud. Then the horrific murder, the African all against all coming soon to a White area near you.

Walker dragged Gresham, who was still alive, to the side of the house and hid him in some bushes, where he was later found dead.

This appalling crime is not going to be punished. Another forgotten victim.

Walker then told Griffin he had “one more to kill” and asked Griffin for Gresham's keys.

The content of their character.

Walker tried to unlock the door to Gresham's house, but Gresham's wife, Roberta Gresham, locked a chain lock and foot lock on the door and called police. Her daughter yelled to Walker that she had a gun.

If only she actually had that gun it might have saved a life and ended the negro animal. Instead we have a forgotten victim and criminal dog shit excused by our "races" justice system.

Walker and Griffin then rode away on their bicycles. Griffin was arrested nearby after he crashed his bicycle.

A living fossil flees on a bicycle and somehow crashes it. These are our equals, the raw material for a healthy democracy.

He was sentenced to death plus a life term and 35 years in prison. In 2007, when the case came up for direct appeal, the Georgia Supreme Court unanimously upheld Walker’s convictions and sentence.

There was some limited sanity, but not too much. We didn't put this creature down or anything.

Following a hearing, the habeas court in Butts County, where death row is located, ruled in Walker’s favor and granted him a writ of habeas corpus

It also concluded that Walker’s trial counsel had been ineffective in violation of Walker’s constitutional right to effective counsel for failing to pursue the issue of his competence and failing to present mitigating evidence regarding his mental health.

All of this translates to "eroding rule of law."

"Mentally Ill" negro came up with a complex plan to kill Whitey.

“For this reason, we must affirm the grant of the writ and the vacating of Walker’s convictions and sentences. The State may, of course, retry Walker, but only if he is competent at the time of retrial.”

"Whites will continue to pay tax dollars to support this murderous animal, assuming he doesn't somehow get released to commit more crimes."

According to a number of witnesses, including his mother, brother and sister, in his late teens, Walker slipped into increasingly psychotic-like behavior.

Or "typical negro behavior" as it is also called.

A bizarre technicality may unleash a bloody-thirsty living fossil. This is the future of our dead nation. Expect the full-blown prison amnesty soon. We can't punish the negro, it's predictable failure is an "illness." Let them out. I hope you're armed and ready, White man.

Friday, March 28, 2014

African America: Negro Machete Attack in Chicago

In today's U.S.S.A. the la-teen-oh is replacing the White population, the negro is turning our cities into war zones, the jew is pulling the levers and the average White is asleep in a dream world where the old America still exists. Many Whites honestly believe that everything is fine, that there hasn't been any "fundamental changes" and the 90% White America of 1965 still exists. That America is gone. In its place we have a nation rapidly Balkanizing along racial lines, different "victim" groups pick at the rotting remains. While the rust never rests, the White man still slumbers, riding his Swipple-cycle into negro town at three in the morning with predictable results.

A Chicago man said he was attacked by a man with a machete while riding his bike home in the city's Humboldt Park neighborhood.

No race is given for the victim, but I think it's safe to assume he was White. Only an American White would be delusional enough to try to perform a goofy Tour De France recreation in the middle of the heart of darkness, the Midwest Mogadishu.

The 30-year-old man, who asked not to be named for safety concerns, said he was riding his usual route home from a friend's house in Wicker Park around 3 a.m. in the 2500 block of West Potomac, just west of Western, when he saw two figures come out of an alley.

Yeah, definitely White.

"The first thing I thought was 'Oh my God I'm going to hit these guys,' but I noticed they were sort of crouched over," he said.

Only a White person would think "Golly, I hope I don't hurt these half-human creatures" right before being attacked. We are the most generous, least tribal and most suicidal race on the planet.

"I saw right away that one of them had a machete and I had sped up to try to get around them but they rushed me and were able to get to me in time."

He rode his little ten-speed right into the African all against all.

"The same guy who hit my bike came straight at me, didn't say anything and looked like he was going to yell but instead he just punched me right in the eye," he said.

Sounds like that knockout game, but, say it with me, we all know that doesn't exist because the dinosaur media said so.

Still standing, the man said he noticed the other man was filming the ordeal on his smartphone and laughing.

The content of their character. Savage animals recording "Kill Whitey" footage on their moronphones.

The new face of the U.S.S.A.

The offender told him to leave few times, still slashing the bike tires as the cyclist attempted to ride away.

This man is extremely lucky to be alive. Next time "chop de byke an den polar bear hunt" might just be "hack up de wite debil."

According to Chicago Police News Affairs, no one is in custody following the incident but an investigation is underway.

There's a surprise. "No arrests were made."

The victim described the attacker as a black male, between the ages of 20 and 25. He said he was wearing a white hooded sweatshirt and a black baseball cap.

If Obama had a son...

It's good for people to know that it happened and that it can happen and they should just be aware.

Yeah, no shit. You might also want to arm yourself and stop entering negro areas in the small hours. 

The man, who also posted his experience on Reddit, said the attack won't deter him from bike riding or living in the area.

"I learned absolutely nothing!" Another lamb to the kosher slaughter.

"I'm still going to bike everywhere. It's just something that happened that maybe could have happened anywhere."

I could happen anywhere. This is beyond willful ignorance and into the realm of total and complete self-destructive delusion. 

A comatose White gets a wake-up call but chooses to hit the snooze button rather than face racial realities. These slumbering Whites are not going to survive the coming collapse. It's our job to try to wake up who we can, save who we can, but some are simply beyond redemption. If a direct confrontation with Dark Continent malfunction doesn't change your mind, nothing will.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

March Madness: Negroes Arrested For "Unclear Motive" Attack on Whites

A combination of the first days of relatively warm weather and the massive hatred for Whites held by the sullen brown mass has kicked off another Summer of Dark Mobs way ahead of schedule. In Louisville we saw the undeclared one-sided race war explode, with huge mobs of identical looking and behaving "diversity" targeting White victims. In Philadelphia the victims of the communist indoctrination center have come under attack in several incidents that have been sent down the memory hole. In the latest of these, a horrific attack involving a brick to the face, the animals have been caged.

It's not clear why a group of high school girls lashed out at Temple University students Friday, but, with five girls in custody, police are hoping to get that answer soon.

It's a riddle wrapped in an enigma wrapped in willful kosher ignorance. It was racially motivated, obviously.

Five girls, ranging from 14 to 17 years old, turned themselves in to Central Detectives today, Capt. Frank Banford said. The girls came forward after seeing news reports about a series of three attacks near Temple's campus Friday night, one of which left a female student bruised and bloodied after being hit with a brick.

The Obama girls turn themselves in.

"They saw themselves in the video, and knew that sooner or later, they would get caught," Banford said.

See, Big Brother is good. If you just give up all your rights a few negroes might develop a rudimentary sense of empathy days after they destroy your face with a brick.

One girl, 15, will likely be charged with aggravated assault and related offenses in the brick attack, which took place on 17th Street near Norris just before 6 p.m., Banford said.

If you think these worthless monsters will be seriously punished you're delusional.

In that incident, a 19-year-old woman was hit in the face as she was walking with her boyfriend, according to sources at Temple. Her teeth were fractured, and she required oral surgery at Hahnemann University Hospital.

Another White life devastated by the genetic alien in our midst. Another forgotten victim.

"White girl bleed a lot!"

The motive in that attack, and two others that occurred minutes and blocks apart, is unclear, Banford said. 

We're going to ignore reality and hope it goes away. I certainly don't want to threaten my careerism by telling the truth. The truth that Whites are being attacked by a failed race of violent morons.

"This is not an ongoing event," Banford said. "These girls came to the area on public transportation, and they left the area by bus afterward."

Go back to sleep, Whitey. The "Kill Dat Wite Bitch" event is no longer ongoing.

In the other two attacks, one at 17th Street near Willington and another at 17th Street near Cecil B. Moore Avenue, female Temple students were punched in the face, Banford said.

That sure sounds like the knockout game, but I must be mistaken because that's not a real thing according to the dinosaur media and the jew wire-pullers.

Charges for the suspect in the brick assault haven't been approved yet, but likely will be by tonight. Of the other four girls in custody, only three will likely be charged, Banford said.

Don't want to clog up that over-worked and "races" justice system. Give the orcs a slap on the wrist and get back into blissful denial.

The negro behavior is getting worse. We're seeing what amounts to open warfare on Whites in our cities. Our criminal government doesn't care and the dinosaur media ignores and obfuscates. No one is going to come to our defense. They want us to die. Make sure you're armed. Avoid the negro. It could save your life.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

United Kaliphate: Sodomite Soldier Mutilates Genitals, Converts to Islam

The spiritual sickness that covers the West like a vile fog has infiltrated all of our major institutions, including the armed forces. For this, we should be grateful. An army made up of mental defectives, sodomites, pregnant women, sneaky alien invaders, lady-boys, 85 I.Q. negroes and crying dykes is going to have a very difficult time carrying out the increasingly drastic measures that will be necessary to keep the rot at bay. This means accelerated collapse and a chance to repair all the damage caused by the disastrous jewish century. Until then, the military provides a vomit-inducing spectacle.

As usual, the United Kaliphate is winning the race to the bottom. Today's story from not-so-great Britainistan reads like some kind of elaborate parody of cultural marxism more than a recounting of actual events. Incredibly, it seems to be legitimate. How far can a White nation fall? Here's the answer.

A former trained soldier has swapped her Territorial Army beret for a veil and become Britain's first transgender Muslim woman.

A deranged man has his penis removed and joins the religion of peace. Reeking gasses escape the corpse of a land that bravely fought the evil not-sees. This is the kosher freedom they bled for. They died for nothing. The U.K. is dead and buried.

This one image tells you everything you need to know about today's Western Europe.

Lucy Vallender used to be called Laurens and says she is finally 'true to herself' after a sex change three years ago.

A few decades ago this obvious mental illness would have been treated. Today we cut off this thing's male organ and give it a Koran. 

The 28-year-old is now married to a Muslim man she met on an online dating site, but he did not know she was once a man when they wed.

I don't even know where to begin. Moe Ham Head thought the thing in the above photo was a woman. After finding out it was actually an insane sodomite he didn't even care. The profound sickness of a once great nation, the undignified disposal of its remains. 

She now wears a full veil outside her Swindon home to show the world she is married.

There will always be an England.

Keep calm and lose your sanity, genitals and cultural identity.

'I tried to do macho things you know to stop how I was thinking, but it didn't work because I was trying to be someone I wasn't,' she said.

Thank you cultural marxists for creating this.

I had girlfriends too, but it would never get physical and always fizzled out after a couple of months.

He didn't want to get "fee-see-call" with the ladies. No sugar walls, just a man's rectum. This is what our enemies want us to turn into. Don't have any White children. Spiritual and mental sickness. The cause of White genocide and cultural destruction is advanced.

I felt like I was in the wrong body. To carry on living as a male was living a lie.

It's like I'm in the wrong country. To carry on pretending the anti-White government represents my interests is living a lie.

In another major life change, she then converted to Islam because it promoted peace last September.

Again, this is not some elaborate parody. 

'But I did it because it is a nice religion - so peaceful.

In Tehran or Islamabad or Dearborn or Paris they'd saw your head off with a scimitar. 

I didn't tell him I was transsexual but he must have suspected it as he he's seen my scars.

The air sickness bag is located on the back of the seat in front of you...

But she has run into trouble with her local mosque in Swindon, Wiltshire, as they would not let her pray with the other women.

Crazed desert jihadans have more sense than most Western Whites. Let that one soak in.

The way they treated me was disgusting. They asked me questions about my bra cup size, asked about my Adam's apple, about my period and asked to see my birth certificate.

The promotion of sodomite sickness is aimed only at Whites. It's just another weapon used against us, along with feminism, materialism, equality mythology, careerism, etc.

I hope people will change their attitudes and other people like me will realise they are free to just be themselves.

"Please embrace this disgusting major malfunction."

"For ye practice your lusts on men in preference to women: ye are indeed a people transgressing beyond bounds..."

A spokesman for Swindon Mosque said: 'Everybody is welcome, as long as they behave according to Islam.
"Maybe try the JUDEO-christian church down the street. You know, the one about to close its doors. I'm sure they'd be glad to have you."

Another sickening story from Great Britainistan, another new low reached. Sodomite degenerates embracing islam. Bring on the cleansing fire.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Negro "Leaders" Demand White Hand-Outs After Black Pack Attacks on Whites

The Louisville Waterfront is currently hosting open race war against Whites, featuring the usual mobs of violent and moronic "babies" attacking unarmed Whites. We got another good look at the content of their character: dark monsters jumping on "whips," assaulting oblivious Whites and the usual "robbery gone wrong" pathology. As per the recent pattern, the police state was forced to move in and try to restore some degree of order after this massive outburst of savagery from a failed race. With summer approaching it's only going to get worse. No one seems to have any answers.

Don't worry though, negro "leaders" are on the case. Their solution? The usual "more needs to be done" topped off some truly incredible and delusional beliefs about their fellow "African Americans."

For suburban families, downtown's Waterfront Park is but one gathering place. But for some west Louisville teenagers, it may be the only place.

We get the usual deceptive language right away. "Teens" are, of course, negroes, while "suburban families" must be normal White America. Does this pathetic deceit fool anyone?

"They shut down the movies," a party organizer who bills himself Young Commercial.

"Dey ain't gots no dan-zal wah-shin-ting falms up in hee-ah so we done hit duh Wite Debil." This negro is a commercial all right, a commercial for segregation and deportation.

"You can't go after 6 without a parent. But you go to Waterfront. Basically they go down there to have a good time."

"Good time" is apparently negro-speak for undeclared, one-sided race war targeting Whites and Africa-style all against all.

Brown aliens loose in a dead nation.

"To the young kids; y'all know what you did was wrong," Metro Mayor Greg Fischer said Monday.

Hey great, a corrupt negro mayor is here to paper over the genetically-based failure of his fellow simians. "Y'all be doin' wrong and sheet. I be dah H.N.I.C. of a may-jer met-ro-polly-tan air-yah." (Edit: He's actually a debased White. I read his shuck and jive speech and assumed he was a negro and not a pathetic White careerist aping their speech patterns.)

"You weren't raised this way; it is not the way we roll in the city."

A barely literate animal who talks in (c)rap lyrics runs the city. R.I.P. U.S.S.A.

"The answer to the wilding is not a beefed-up police force," said the Rev. Dr. Kevin Cosby, pastor of St. Stephen Baptist Church, "but beefed up investment in West Louisville."

Keep on paying, White sucker. Sixty years of money, preferences and spilled blood. No discernible improvement in their behavior. If anything it's worse than ever. Write that check. This will be the time it finally works, we promise.

"We believe they (teenagers involved in violence) come from good families but made bad choices, said the Rev. Vincent James, pastor of Elim Baptist Church.

72% of negro children are born out of wedlock. A similar percentage grow up without a father. These are the "good families." These numbers are probably low. As far as bad choices, that's certainly accurate, as even the most cursory reading of crime statistics will quickly confirm.

Downtown promoters maintain that Saturday's troubles are merely a stumble.

Go back to sleep Whitey. Ignore you lying eyes. Just a stumble. The negro is definitely compatible with Western Civilization, no doubt about it.

Louisville Downtown Partnership's interim director, Rebecca Matheny, praised the promise of more police patrols, whether via horseback, bicycle or on foot.

A massive police state to contain the rot. The loss of our rights.

Negro monsters from "good families" make some "bad choices."

"That's why I was stressing the parents," a party organizer identified as DJ Fatman. "It comes back to knowing where your kids are, at all times."

DJ Fatman, the voice of reason for the genetic alien. Try to monitor your R-strategy brood, negro.

"If you stop ‘em from the waterfront, they go somewhere else," said Young Commercial.

Hopefully that "somewhere else" will be back to Africa when a White nation is restored.

There's one other thing from this story that deserves to be mentioned. A little disclaimer from the always sincere dinosaur media:

Editor's Note: It is the policy of WAVE 3 News not to include physical descriptions of the subjects of stories unless that information is complete enough for viewers to identify an individual with some degree of certainty.

Yes, still withholding racial reality by formal editorial policy. You don't need to know it. Go back to your sports and porn.

Race, age and gender alone do not meet that standard.

This isn't negligence, it's malevolence. 

However, if the description also includes specific distinguishing characteristics such as clothing, a distinctive tattoo, a specific vehicle, etc., we may include it in our reporting.

The criminal, who will not be identified by any physical details, was wearing a WHITE shirt. 

This is what we're up against. Lies. Lies that will result in more White victims. Here you get the truth. Negro packs are attacking Whites, motivated by jealousy-fueled hatred that's encouraged by the kosher system. Avoid the negro areas. Be armed. We must survive the coming collapse.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Big Brother Catches Negro Terrorists in North Carolina

The two competing forces in today's America are the growing police state and the all against all terror that naturally arises from the "diversity" of identical looking, thinking and behaving dark bipeds. For this wonderful salad dish to even partially function requires a massive Orwellian presence that would be completely unnecessary in a White nation. It's an endless struggle to try to control the base impulses of 85 I.Q. religion of peace members via the erosion of rights, endless surveillance and a general chilling atmosphere of mistrust and fear. We are constantly surrounded by hostile alien faces and behind those sullen brown masks lurk hatred and pathology.

This is the great strength of diversity.

Planes linked to a company with FBI connections circled a north Raleigh neighborhood for weeks before a Wednesday raid that resulted in terrorism charges against two men. 

Please ignore the Ministry of Love planes circling your neighborhood for weeks. Everything is fine. Go back to your talmudvision, back to your high fat diet, back to your booze and pills, back to sleep.

Authorities said in court documents that Akbar Jihad Jordan and Avin Marsalis Brown planned to travel to Syria and Yemen to fight for Islam.

Take the expected failure of the American negro and then add the beautiful and great religion of islam and this is what you get. North Carolina jihadists. Could someone please tell me why we prevented these animals from going to Syria to put on the "heaven robe?" Didn't we, as a nation, have the exact same crazy plan just a few months ago?

Federal law prohibits conspiring to kill or maim people outside the U.S.

Which is why the jews behind the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are all in prison now. Wait, they're not? Huh. How about that.

FBI agents seized several weapons, including an AK-47 rifle and a sword, along with ammunition from the apartment off Gresham Lake Road that Jordan, 21, shared with his mother.

See, Big Brother is your friend! It caught crazed sword-wielding negro jihadans and saved Yemeni lives. 

Airplanes equipped with electronic monitoring equipment have been circling the area where Jordan lives for about a month, flying the same path for up to eight hours a day.

"We gwine cut up dem Yeh-mans fo' allah. Yo, why dat playne be circlin' all dey?"

FBI agents moved on the alleged conspiracy involving Jordan and Brown this week because Brown, 21, was about to leave the country, court records show.

And we must prevent negroes from leaving the country at all costs.

The negro terrorist next door.

Confidential informants told the FBI that Brown and Jordan, a 2011 Millbrook High School graduate, began talking last May about going overseas to engage in jihad. Jordan "functioned as a type of physical fitness, firearms and tactics instructor to Brown" and often displayed a cache of weapons and ammunition in his apartment, records state.

The content of their character, the fruits of the religion of peace.

Jordan even stated at one point that he slept on his kitchen floor with an AK-47 and a Quran to empathize with Muslims in Syria.

I wonder if Obama was doing that, before we were humiliated by Russia. 

The pair planned to use a charity as a cover for their travels, saying the government would have a hard time making a terrorism case against them if they argued they were on a charitable mission overseas, according to court records.

Isn't White do-gooding a wonderful thing? It provides useful cover stories for negro terrorists, leads to the deaths of Whites, etc.

The case is similar to that of Basit Javed Sheikh, a Cary man accused of planning to fight in Syria for a group linked to al-Qaida. The FBI arrested him at RDU in November after he told people he wanted to be a martyr for Islam.

For future reference this is only acceptable in the U.S.S.A. if it's Big Jew funding the jihadans with kosher counterfeit to destabilize the region and/or our criminal government arming the terrorists or sending Whites to die for them in the American Golem.

In addition to the expected failure, any given negro might also be in an ugly death cult. Our government responded with massive hypocrisy and police state. Whites are forced to fund this mess and to live near it. The solution is not more Big Brother, the solution is a White nation. 

Friday, March 21, 2014

Negro "Baby" Poses With Drugs and Guns, Gets Shot

As ugly and spiritually sick as mainstream culture has become in the U.S.S.A. it might as well be the height of the Renaissance compared to the monolithic customs of the American negro. Talent-free (c)rap music promoting crime. Overwhelming and irrational hatred for Whites. Drug abuse. Gun violence. The down low. R strategy bastards. Delusional belief in their own value and future fame as a (c)rapper or African tree hockey player. Disdain for civilized behavior, i.e. "Acting White." Idiocy. This is the content of their character, the rich pageant that makes up the life of the 85 I.Q. North American simian. It would almost be humorous if we didn't have to deal with the inevitable failures. The negro is simply incompatible with civilization.

A baby-faced Memphis teen posted shocking snaps of his wannabe thug lifestyle online just hours before being shot dead by his best pal as they played with a gun, police said.

Are we witnessing the birth of the new euphemism for fully mature criminal negroes? Forget teens, it's time to start calling them "babies." Expect to see "White man attacked by pack of babies" stories very soon from the dinosaur media.

Future chemical engineer, oceanographer, and/or murder victim.

Cartrail Robertson, 13, uploaded the gangster-style gallery - where he's seen holding a revolver he describes as a .357 Magnum, smoking pot and fanning wads of $100 bills - to Facebook on Monday.

Negro narcissism. This nonsense is encouraged by the kosher entertainment industry and funded by the White tax-paying sucker.

But, in the early hours of Tuesday morning, he was allegedly gunned down by his 15-year-old friend Darrin Wilson.

At least this pathetic story of negro pathology has a happy ending.

Obama's dead son.

Cops think the duo were playing with the weapon, at around 3 a.m. in another as yet unnamed friend's house, when it accidentally went off.
The mammy wasn't there and the baby daddy had fled a long time ago. Moronic creatures playing with a loaded gun. Pointing a "chrome" at "mah dawg" gone wrong. This sorry pile of shit is as good as anything Whites have ever done, according to Big Jew. 

Wilson was arrested, taken to juvenile detention and charged with reckless homicide, reports ABC.

Now it can go to the "crib" to be supported on our dime for the rest of its life, in between time on the outside where this worthless animal will likely target Whites with its 70 I.Q. criminality.

Our equal.

But Shelby County District Attorney General Office's Vince Higgins revealed that the inquiry into how the pair got hold of the guns, drugs and cash was "still ongoing."

It's quite a mystery, I know. Could it be a combination of the proceeds from crimes and big government hand-ours paid for by working Whites? Yeah, there's a chance.

The pictures also show the youngsters pointing a handgun at another teen's head and holding up bottles of booze.

The content of their character.

"Yo, you sure dat thang ain't be loaded homie?"

In one, where Robertson appears alongside a pile of money, he captioned: "Time tah get mehh another 45th."
The vibrant and soulful self-expression of the negro. Another victory for Common Core.

And in another image, where he appears to be smoking drugs, he tags his pal Wilson and says: "Blowin' wit that hotboy."

On dat down low?

Neighbors said they were stunned to hear of the incident, and were especially shocked to hear of the victim's young age.

Yeah, who could have predicted this?

"Thirteen. Still a baby," Walter Holston told ABC.

Fully physically mature. As intelligent as its going to get. Taking pictures with guns and drugs. It was a baby.

This was just another glimpse into the behavior of a failed race. It's not news to most of us, but there's still plenty of Whites who honestly believe that these monsters are just sun-tanned Whites. That belief has been the folly of this age, on par with "The Earth is flat." It's time to have that honest discussion about race, to admit the negro has no place in a White nation. 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

The American Zoo

What will ultimately win out, the tyranny or the anarchy? This is the only remaining question as far as the fate of the U.S.S.A. is concerned. If the anarchy wins we become a combination of Africa and Latin America, a violent all against all nightmare where life is worthless. If the tyranny wins we'll enter an Orwellian hell, a police state that controls the teeming brown mass by eliminating all of our rights. Neither of these two end games has any sustainablity and the final collapse will come regardless. For now we watch these two competing evils war with each other, while the mortal remains of America enters the flames. Here and there we get glimpses of what this future will look like, a future without White civilization.

Kansas City police are investigating after shots were fired in a parking lot outside the Kansas City Zoo on Tuesday afternoon. Police said 10 people were arrested in connection with the shooting, but police were unable to locate the person responsible for firing a weapon.

Those crazy "people" and their never predictable behavior. Maybe a picture would clear things up a little.

Animals run wild at the zoo.

“We heard a couple gunshots and people were running around,” said Ashley Hull, who went to the zoo to take advantage of the free admission on Tuesday.

Anything "free," with the possible exception of free books or free job training, is going to draw out the American negro. Then the expected pathology occurs, surprising no one. They simply can't behave themselves.

“I guess people was shooting,” he said. “I guess people was fighting the police. Came down on us. A lot of stuff happening.”

"Dem pee-pole be bustin' n sheet. Dey wuz fattin' da five-oh. Lot o' stuff be kickin' off. Dis be da all ver-sus all."

“The pathways got full,” said Randy Wistoff, Zoo Director. “We had a little pushing and shoving inside. The police asked some people to move outside and we had some issues out in our parking lot.”

"Luckily I have experience dealing with dangerous animals." I like how he papers over negroes shooting at each other. There's another epitaph for America: "We Had Some Issues."

“When they started fighting the police pepper sprayed in the air and kids was chocking and what not,” said Breonna Henry, 18. “We don’t need no more free days. Everybody need to pay their amount to get it.”

The police state sprays down the rot.

Wistoff said they’ll re-examine how the zoo operates to ensure next year’s free day is safer.

"We're considering giant loudspeakers blasting classical or country music, booths giving out job applications and if that fails maybe a giant net.

Full Story.

Back in the cage.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Woman Marries Dog

The sodomite agenda went from "this is a mental illness that should be treated" to "this is a heroic thing and we'll destroy your life if you criticize it" in about one generation. Even the most optimistic Frankfurt school jew couldn't have expected such rapid and total success, but the spiritual sickness that began with pretending the lower races were our equals prepared the soil for this foul harvest. It now seems inevitable that every kind of perversion and "marriage" will be celebrated and protected by Thought Crime laws. Everything except having White children, of course. Make no mistake, this disgusting insanity is aimed entirely at Whites, with the ultimate goal of White genocide.

Soon we'll be holding "Bestiality Pride" events and talking about how brave and noble the football negro that has relations with livestock is. In the United Kaliphate, always the gold standard for Western collapse, it's already happening. 

For the 47-year-old British divorcee has married her loyal pet terrier called Sheba.

Yes, it's here. White women "marrying" canines in a nation that once ruled the world but now can't even control its exploding Religion of Peace population. While the jihadist invaders are fathering huge broods and supporting them with welfare hand-outs British Whites are having no children, bragging about their kosher atheism and bringing animals into their beds.

She married a man 20 years ago but the relationship ended within a few months.

No White children resulted from this.

When cupid struck a second time Ms Rodgers, from south London, wanted to do things properly. She said: ‘I got down on one knee and proposed. I could tell by her tail wagging that she said ‘‘yes’’’.

Yes, it's also homosexual zoophilia. Western nations should now come equipped with built-in barf bags.

‘I know the wedding to Sheba wasn’t real in the legal sense. But it was a nice way to mark what Sheba means to me. Sheba’s never unkind to me and she’s always happy.’

Just hang in there, I'm sure the nation-wreckers are working hard to change that.

White madness and biological suicide combined with a massive invasion of brown welfare colonists. It's easy to see the disaster that must result, the planned demolition of White Nations. Soon it will all come crashing down.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Foreign Invaders Make Demands in U.S.S.A.

It's good that we're being flooded with millions of unwashed welfare colonists. Just ask anyone with any kind of authority. Ask the megachurch "jay-sus loves your sin!" JUDEO-christians praying for their own destruction. Ask any billionaire bastard. Ask the jew. They'll tell you. We need "comprehensive reform" that can be summarized as a total and complete surrender of the remains of a once great nation to foreign, alien elements that are mostly concerned in scavenging the national corpse, maybe eating those delicious dead eyes. Even this isn't enough, as usual. The invaders aren't happy that there's still some pathetic, token resistance to the fundamental transformation of a formerly White nation into a Latin American sewer.

President Barack Obama's surprise announcement last week that his administration would change its deportation policy to become more "humane" shows how the immigration battle has narrowed after months of congressional deadlock.

The communist humane society, recognizing the dignity of the weaponized brown mass. A nation that has lost its mind and soul. This will hasten the coming collapse, but it's worth it for a few more days of pretending to be in control of the teeming mass or cheap burritos or whatever other imaginary benefit we gain from the Third World mudslide.

As recently as last year, immigrant rights activists, along with an unusually broad coalition of business, labor and religious groups, were united in their demand that Congress pass a sweeping bill to both remove the threat of deportation from many of the 11 million people here illegally and eventually make them citizens.

"Unusually broad" is right. Every criminal, every wire-puller, every slumbering White do-gooder seems to agree that El Salvadoran garbage is a great thing.

They have pressured Obama to limit the number of people sent back overseas, which led to his administration's announcement Thursday of a review of deportation policies after a meeting with the Hispanic Congressional Caucus.

The empty suit meets with the communist "gimme gimme" group, with predictable results. First embarrassed on the global stage by a spiritually healthy Russia, now bullied in his own backyard by greedy and selfish la-teen-oh turds.

Activists also are pushing state legislatures to end participation in a program to help federal immigration authorities deport people and chaining themselves across entrances to local jails or immigration detention centers.

When you receive gringo welfare there's plenty of free time to chain yourself to things and wail in a foreign tongue about how unfair the nation you murdered is.

"People who are directly affected just want peace. Later on they'll worry about becoming citizens."

"Ey, as long as dee hand-outs keep coming from dis loco nation I no care 'bout shit-i-zen-sheep, I theeeennk."

Immigrant rights groups still want to win citizenship for many who are in the U.S. without legal permission.

"Without legal permission." That might be the most ridiculous euphemism for "they're criminal invaders" possible.

It also represents the possible splintering of the diverse coalition for an immigration bill that would overhaul the system by expanding citizenship. And the more aggressive, confrontational tactics also raise the risk of a public backlash.

Careful there, Pedro. You don't want to wake the sleeping giant and fill White America with a grim resolve.

"One picture of a cop with a bloody nose and it's all over for these people," Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies, which favors greater restrictions on immigration, said of the activists.

I doubt anyone would even notice, as long as the kosher sports, pornography and chemicals keep flowing.

Republicans have been torn between some in their base who want to step up deportations and others alarmed at how Hispanics, Asians and other fast-growing communities are increasingly leaning Democratic.

"Please notice us!" begs White America while our ruling criminals take our support completely for granted.

The Senate in June passed a bipartisan bill to legalize, and eventually grant citizenship to, many of the 11 million people in the U.S. illegally. But the bill died in the Republican-controlled House.

The bi-partisan suicide pact. We'll keep trying until it passes, don't worry.

Meanwhile, Obama's administration is on track to having deported 2 million people during the past six years.

1,999,854 of them have since returned to the U.S.S.A. by crawling under a fence "without legal permission."

 In 2012, as he was trying to generate enthusiasm among Hispanic voters for his re-election, Obama granted people who were brought to the country illegally as children the right to work in the United States and protection from deportation if they had graduated high school or served in the military.

Use foreigners as mercenaries in our legions. Cheapen citizenship to the point where it's worthless. Fail to defend the borders from barbarian incursion. Cheapen the currency. Pander. Pacify with the masses. All of this sounds awfully familiar.

The administration has said it cannot make sweeping changes without Congress, and it is unclear what steps it will take after its review is completed to limit deportations.

"There's only so much we can do by dictatorial fiat."

Chris Newman, legal director of the National Day Laborer Organizing Network, said it's inevitable that Obama makes changes.

It's a pretty safe bet, no doubt about that.

"We decided we needed to change our focus because this is a more winnable campaign," Executive Director Alejandro Laceres said. Of Congress, he added, "We don't have the luxury of moving at their pace."

We've got to hurry up and get the corpse of America into the crematorium.

The biggest victory came last year in California when Gov. Jerry Brown signed the Trust Act, barring California police from participating in Secure Communities.

R.I.P. California.

"We're just left hanging at loose ends," Bautista said in an interview, recounting how his children's performance at school has deteriorated and how they sob when he leaves for court hearings. "If the community unifies and has more demonstrations, maybe they will listen to us."

The heartbreaking human cost. Lay down and die, it will help little Juanito do better at the Publik Schmuel.

Full Story.

The U.S.S.A. is finished. National suicide is our official policy, kosher spiritual sickness the remains of a common culture. All that remains is the day when the invader enters the capital, deposes the child emperor and pretends to be the new ruler. Then it all burns. We must be ready. After the fall the golden age of White Nationalism can begin.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Wyoming to be Flooded With Brown "Refugees" On Our Dime

One plan for White survival is for awake Whites to resettle in America's most desolate areas, forming pathetic little communities and praying that a "worse is better" miracle occurs before the rot reaches these isolated places. It's already too late. The nation-wreckers are now intentionally targeting White areas for the lethal injection of sub-Saharan "diversity." Running and hiding is not going to save us.

The governor wrote a letter in September to the federal Office of Refugee Resettlement saying Wyoming was interested in establishing a public/private center to help refugees.

What's not to be interested in? 65 I.Q. African imports without the slightest understanding of Western civilization are the raw material for a healthy nation, after all. Give us your sewage, your morons and criminals, says the jew, while building a massive wall around Israel.

The federal agency has responded that it was happy to hear of that wish and the work in progress.

This is how Whites die. With a huge smile on our faces.

Since then, state officials, University of Wyoming officials and the Lutheran Family Services-Rocky Mountain have been working to put a plan together to make it possible.

Naturally the JUDEO-christians are front and center.

The center will receive federal funds.

Whites will pay for their own destruction. This is an unprecedented and nearly unbelievable national suicide.

The coming dark nightmare.

The program provides refugees with some temporary help in finding a home and a job to get them started, but there isn’t a long period of welfare.

I mean "birth until death" isn't really that long a period, when you think about it. 

“The center will happen within the next year,” Reese predicted. “We’re trying to get that hammered out.”

The only thing getting "hammered out" are White communities that will be flooded with dysfunction fresh from the heart of darkness.

We can't run from the rot. The U.S.S.A. is ready for the ash heap. We must be ready to work for a White nation, not a pitiful collection of hovels far from any major city but our own homeland restored, coast to coast.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Football Negro Raped Nine Women in Five States

If you claim to be fighting for White interests but you also watch kosher sports you're still half-asleep. There have been few more successful jewish take-overs of a formerly White institution. Today the Africa Ball provides a steady stream of communist sewage: negro worship, miscegenation, feminism, materialism, gun control, the sodomite agenda and more. In a game where the ball isn't in play and the players mill around doing nothing the majority of the time there are plenty of opportunities for "teachable moments" and "narratives." Find a White person that's deep in the kosher coma and there's a good chance the comatose body is hooked up to the I.V. of sports addiction.

Meanwhile, the typical negro behavior of the "hero" athletes has a bad habit of seeping through. Like the story of a negro animal that used his fame to commit a series of rapes all across the land of the fee and the home of the slave.

Former NFL All-Pro safety Darren Sharper must remain in a Los Angeles jail without bail after he was indicted in Arizona on charges of drugging and sexually assaulting two women, a California judge ruled on Thursday.

Think about how many White people worshiped this criminal turd, how many paid ridiculous prices to wear its replica jersey or own some scrap autographed by this creature. Negro idolatry, Whites playing negro dress-up. Their god was a rapist. Think about it, but be sure to have the air sickness bag ready.

In Los Angeles, the 38-year-old Sharper has pleaded not guilty to charges involving the rape and drugging of two women he met in a West Hollywood bar.

Care to bet your "season tickets" that the victims were White, sports fan?

He was previously released on $1 million bail in the California case but turned himself in on February 27 after an arrest warrant was issued in New Orleans. He has not been charged in that state.

Talk about "sideline to sideline coverage." Coast to coast sex crimes from a worthless piece of garbage, a crime spree fully funded by the White sports lemming.

Sharper is also under investigation in Florida and Nevada and authorities suspect he may have raped nine women in total.

Those are just the ones we know about it.

Rape ape was worshiped by debased Whites.

'We know that Darren will vigorously deny the allegations,' Sharper's Arizona attorney Skip Donau said Wednesday. 'We are hopeful of vindication.'

"I din do nuffin'!"

In a bail motion filed last month, a Los Angeles County investigator described a pattern in which the former football star met women at clubs or parties and lured them to a hotel room, where they were allegedly drugged and raped.

The content of their character. Cheer louder Whitey, this sex beast can run while holding a ball!

The New Orleans warrant says police learned from witnesses that Sharper and an associate had acknowledged having non-consensual sex with two women. Sharper's attorneys say he never made such statements.

"Aw yea nigga, I be rapin' dese sno hoes. I can't bee-leev da dum wite debil be fundin' mah crames."

He retired after the 2010 season and was working as an analyst for the NFL Network before being fired recently.

There goes its plumb kosher job offering "analysis" like "dat be da big tug" and "he be runnin' da bawl." If this negro had just behaved itself it could have lived its entire life in White-financed luxury, but instead its animal nature has earned it a ticket to the green bar hotel.

Turn off the electronic synagogue. Stop idolizing criminal negroes and passively listening to cultural marxist sermons while inhaling beer with a little "U" on the bottle. Wake up and learn the truth. Our survival is at stake. The answer is White nationalism.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Higher Education: Mystery Meat Professor Goes Full Retard

Convincing Whites of the necessity of a four year stint in an adult day care, racking up massive debt and absorbing endless marxist propaganda in the process, has been one of the greatest triumphs of the jewish nation-wreckers. Who could imagine that the goyim would actually pay huge amounts of money to be molded into Right Thinking slaves? Few vestiges of scholarship and academic rigor remain in these formerly White institutions that were meekly handed over to the communists during the disastrous jewish century. For every legitimate area of study that remains there's dozens of marxist departments that teach nothing but White genocide and the destruction of the West, plenty of fake classes for 80 I.Q. negro "affletes," and a general air of hostility to anything that resembles the normal White America that used to exist.

Indoctrination is the goal.

A department of feminist studies professor has been accused of going berserk after coming across a campus prolife demonstration that used extremely graphic displays, leading a small mob of students to chant “tear down the sign” before grabbing one of the signs, storming off with it, then allegedly engaging in an altercation with a 16-year-old prolife protestor who had followed the educator to retrieve it.

Communist mystery meat boldly defends the kosher system that controls the U.S.S.A. from teenage thought crime. The courage to stand for something that every ruling criminal and billionaire bastard believes in, it's so inspiring. A mob of mindless victims of the communist indoctrination center bleat against our most basic freedoms. This is the state of education in a nation that has already been embalmed and is now awaiting the devouring flames.

The professor at the heart of the controversy is Mireille Miller-Young, an associate professor whose area of emphasis is black cultural studies, pornography and sex work, according to her faculty webpage.

The final victory of the long march through the culture. A 90 I.Q. animal of indeterminate racial origins is paid to "study" the most vile jew produced sewage available. This moronic, spiritually sick creature then is unleashed on our youth.

“This is probably the most extreme reaction we have seen in a while,” Garza said Tuesday in an interview with The College Fix, adding most of the time upset students just name call or steal pamphlets. “We want this prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

Theft and name calling. This is the virtue and discipline that naturally arises from a liberal arts education. We teach tolerance for all, except for Whites, Christians, people who do not have a mentally defective view of sexuality, men, rural farmers, people who oppose infanticide...

This thing will teach your children good values, Whitey.

Most of the prolife demonstrators attend Thomas Aquinas College, a private, Catholic institution nearby, and none are enrolled at UCSB, she said.

At this fine Catholic institution there are no classes studying jew porn and the street walker experience, but plenty of "we are all equal, we need more of God's Somali children in White nations" drivel.

When asked why the young prolife protestors didn’t just write the sign off when the professor walked off with it, Garza said they had every right to get back their property, and that it was the professor who acted inappropriately. She added it’s shocking a women’s studies professor would act in such a way to a young girl.

I can hardly believe it either. A sick, perverted anti-White racial pot luck with a make-work marxist professorship did wrong. Amazing.

“This is a very encouraging story of a young person displaying an incredible amount of tact and poise and bravery, not only to remain in the right frame of mind to know what to do in the situation like this, but when the situation turned violent she was able to think clearly, and videotape her actions,” Garza said.

"I look forward to living in an all against all where we're constantly videotaping (???) crimes in progress."

Full Story.

Another day at the communist indoctrination center. The brown every-woman bravely battles Wrong Think, with the help of a lobotomized rabble that is accruing massive debt. No one will be punished, the chilling atmosphere that our enemies worked so hard to create will continue.

Learn a trade, young person. Learn to use a gun, too.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Unbelievably Horrific Negro Home Invasion Will Be "Taken Seriously" By Authorities

Many Whites are awakening from the jew-induced coma of materialism, careerism, worship of The Other and kosher spiritual sickness. The spectacular failure of the American negro, caused by inherent genetic traits, is no longer an issue an honest person can debate. The imaginary benefits of an invasion of millions of uneducated welfare colonists are touted only by the billionaires, the jews and the careerist scumbag. Our numbers are growing and the low level race war that continues to heat up is going to force many Whites off the fence. Ignorance is no longer an excuse. We now have to assume that most, if not all, of our opposition has no interest in facts, reality, or the continued existence of White people.  

In the liberal enclaves, far from the "diversity," the careerist still slumbers, happy to trade away his soul for whatever shekels fall off the table. Enclaves like Madison, Wisconsin.

Police arrested six people believed to be involved in what they're calling one of the most brutal crimes in recent memory.

Then the "diversity" shows up, kicking the door in. Run and hide from the rot, trade space for time, parrot marxist lies while trying to flee the biological plague unleashed by the same's no longer a viable strategy. The brown malfunction is everywhere. We have our backs to the wall.

Madison police say three men planned a home invasion, but broke into the wrong home on Quincy Avenue on the north side around 6 a.m. on February 23.

"Breaking into a house gone wrong."

Homo Erectus broke in the wrong house.

Police say the suspects were aware it was not the intended home, but they proceeded to violently attack the two victims who had been sleeping.

Sleeping White victims, invading brown monsters. Today's U.S.S.A. in miniature. 

The suspects are accused of repeatedly sexually assaulting the woman who was six months pregnant.

A failed branch of humanity commits a crime so appalling I'm getting physically ill thinking of it. This is what we purchased with the endless "more needs to be done" appeasement. Creatures from the stone age raping a pregnant White woman. Anti-soul doesn't seem a harsh enough condemnation. More like the complete absence of a soul, the complete absence of even the most basic humanity.

We're forced to live next to this dog shit.

Brow ridge. Muzzle. Flat nose. Under-developed frontal lobes. This thing is not our equal.

"I can tell you that in my 27-plus years of policing here in Madison, this is probably one of the most disturbing and heinous crimes that I've ever seen," says Interim Chief Randy Gaber.

"I mean, wow. Those African Americans really did wrong. Don't worry, we'll ignore the obvious lessons and get this horrifying mess down the memory hole."

At a news conference Monday, Gaber told the media he wants to reassure the community the department takes these crimes very seriously.

Well, that's a relief. As opposed to ordinary negro pathology that is just ignored or excused. These worthless turds might even get a few years in the "crib" from the "races" justice system. We'll keep pretending that something that looks like an illustration from one of the early chapters in an anthropology textbook is somehow compatible with White civilization.

Maybe we could convince this mystery meat to vote "conservative."

Three suspects are accused of the break-in: Kristopher Hughes, 20, Michon Thomas, 22, and Eric Bass, 23. They face charges of conspiracy to commit armed robbery, armed robbery, and six counts each of first degree sexual assault.

In the past week, three others were also arrested. Efemia Neumaier, 21, and DeAndre Mayweathers, 23, are both accused of conspiracy to commit armed robbery. Demarco Mallit, 22, faces charges of aiding a felon and theft.
I guess I should be happy that the sub-human trash has been put in the can, at least for now.  

The victims fled to a neighbor's home but did not get a response, and had to walk to a nearby business to call 911.

Unarmed victims. 911 is not going to save you from a negro home invasion. You need to be armed and ready. Don't become another forgotten victim.

Dane County's Victim/Witness Assistance program is helping the couple recover from the incident and hopes the community will provide support and stay positive.

Maybe hold a vigil. Go to your sodomite, JUDEO-christian church and pray to the false god of equality. Forget. Keep sleeping. 

There are no more "safe" areas in our dead nation. The rot is everywhere, unleashed by the nation-wreckers. The goal is White marginalization and then genocide. We must stop running, stop trying to hide, stop hoping that voting communist in elections and worshiping the alien will somehow save us from the collapse to come. We have to get organized. A White nation will grow, using the corpse of the U.S.S.A. as fertilizer.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Africa Ball Animal Impregnates Age 14 Cousin

There's nothing more heroic and worthy of worship than the negro that plays a child's game in our national coliseums. They distract us from our dispossession and marginalization and let us pretend that we're part of a meaningful corporate entity, now that the U.S.S.A. has died. We can root for "Red" to defeat "Blue," because that's all we have left. Besides, consider the amazing "character" of the dusky "affletes." Some are brave enough to commit acts of sodomy, the sacrament of our national religion. Others, perhaps slightly less noble, fornicate with underage immediate family.  

Three-star Louisville football recruit Sharieff Rhaheed-Muhammad was arrested Monday on felony charges of lewd lascivious behavior after allegedly impregnating his 14-year-old cousin, according to WPTV NewsChannel 5′s Will Greenlee (via Deadspin’s Barry Petchesky).

Africa-style dysfunction topped off with a little "Religion of Peace" pathology. This moronic simian beast couldn't wait to get to Kollege and partake in the White women. Instead this monster put its demon seed into its own cousin.

Police reportedly obtained a warrant for a DNA sample, which proved with nearly 100 percent certainty that he was the father. The victim reportedly chose to abort the pregnancy.

God bless America, the land of the free.

Rhaheed-Muhammad plays linebacker for Fort Pierce (Fla.) Central High School.

Because of this, we must worship this vile creature. We must give it a "scholarship" and access to our White daughters. We'll cheer for it because it wears a red outfit on Saturdays. Go homo erectus! Beat the other evolutionary dead-ends on "blue!"

This thing has no place in a White nation.

Stone age monster may have ruined its "free ride."

A spokesperson for Louisville told WPTV that coach Bobby Petrino had been made aware of the situation.

Yes, alert the White plantation master. Your latest shit-colored meal ticket enjoys rutting on its own relatives. I'm sure "coach" really cares about this. As long as this turd can run and "tackle" to entertain slumbering Whites, that's what matters.

Sports, like every American institution, has been fully infiltrated and corrupted by the marxist. No White man should support this evil. Stop cheering for criminal negroes. Turn off the talmudvision. Wake up. Our team is our race.

Monday, March 10, 2014

White Man Murdered For Cellphone, Negro Killer Disappointed it Wasn't a Better Phone

The negro is incapable of functioning in a civilized society. At best the fear of immediate and severe punishment can suppress the predictable thuggery of this failed race and segregation can keep the criminality that still occurs quarantined. At worst they're unleashed on Whites, told that they're right to hate us because of imaginary wrongs and further encouraged by an eroding rule of law. This is where we are right now. Dark aliens on the loose. Horrific crimes. Joke sentences. Media and government silence. Two-legged animals walk among us, prey on us. This is what the anti-Whites in power want. They want us to die.

A Seattle teen shot and killed a man for his cellphone — then went to a friend’s house and complained the stolen gizmo wasn’t nice enough, police say.

This one sentence tells you everything you need to know about the simian brain and anti-soul of the negro. No remorse, not even any fear of punishment. Just 75 I.Q. disappointment that the magical Chinese light box isn't top of the line.

“David Peterson went out for a walk around the neighborhood after dinner and never returned, ” King County prosecuting attorney Dan Satterberg said in a statement. “He was a random victim from a chance encounter with a dangerous young man. That the evidence shows he was murdered for his cellphone by a teenager with a gun makes this all the more tragic and senseless.”

Another "random" victim that just happened to be White. These amazing coincidences keep piling up, but the dinosaur media doesn't see any pattern.

  This piece of living dog shit killed a White man in a "robbery gone wrong."

The Ballard High School student approached Peterson, 54, around 8:30 p.m. Feb. 23 and punched him in the head in a robbery attempt, the Post-Intelligencer reported.

Sounds like a "knockout game" attack, but that can't be right either. The kosher media says it isn't happening and they certainly have the best interests of the goyim foremost in their minds.

Peterson fought back and went to a parking lot, where he called 911 to report the attempted theft. But as Peterson spoke, he saw White coming back for him and warned the dispatcher his attacker was returning.

This is why you need to be armed. 911 is not going to save you from a negro attack. They'll show up just in time to put you in a body bag. Buy a gun and learn to use it. Avoid the negro areas. 

The dispatcher heard Peterson tell his alleged attacker that he was not going to hand over the phone when the line suddenly went dead, the newspaper reported.

Another unarmed victim. Killed for a piece of Chinese junk. 

No limit negro. If Obama and Yellen had a son...

White reportedly went to a friend’s home just blocks from the murder scene, where he told people there he had killed a man, the PI reported.

"I don smoked dis wite debil." 

“He showed his companions the phone he had finally taken from the man and expressed his disappointment that it was not a nicer model.”

The anti-soul of the negro.

White is charged with murder, unlawful possession of a firearm and attempted robbery. He’s held in lieu of $2 million bail and is set next to appear in court March 17.

If convicted, the callous killer faces up to 35 years in prison.

I'd be very surprised if this piece of shit even serves a fraction of that sentence. Maybe he'll get an early release in the coming "Prison Amnesty." We all know the justice system is "races" and wrongly punishes obviously innocent "teens" who are turning their lives around. 

What started as a game of polar bear hunting ended with a dead White man. He thought calling an emergency number would somehow protect him. He was unarmed. The negro monster is unlikely to be seriously punished. This crime will be forgotten. Another nameless White victim of the rot. 

Don't become the next victim. 

Friday, March 7, 2014

More Negro Knockout Attacks in New York

The dinosaur media doesn't care that packs of feral negroes are committing "random" attacks on White victims. It's just the goyim and not the Light of the World, after all. Our criminal government has encouraged these attacks. The victims are forgotten. The silence now hangs heavy. Ignore reality. Pretend everything is fine. Keep consuming. Watch pornography. Drink yourself stupid. Take prescription pills to drive away the Wrong Think. Watch negroes chase a ball. Worship the increasingly worthless dollar. The center can not hold. The final collapse draws near, the flames prepare to devour the remains of a once great nation.

More Whites are attacked.

Investigators are looking for the person who randomly punched a man in apparent case of the knockout game after the victim left a bar in Manhattan.

Another "random" attack that just happens to target a White victim. Are you sick of the lies yet? We can't even admit that this is a case of polar bear hunting. Get it in the memory hole, talk about those amazing jumping negroes.

The incident happened around 2:30 a.m. Sunday morning on Bowery Street on the Lower East Side.

Another "Walking While White" incident. If you're going to wander around negro-town in the small hours you better be alert and armed.

Surveillance video shows a man attack 23-year-old Kyle Rogers, of Rockville Centre, from behind as he was walking down the street.

The usual "high quality footage."

Another man can be seen on the video recording the whole thing.

The negro anti-soul.

Rogers suffered a broken jaw, which had to be wired shut. He was unconscious for several minutes before being taken to Bellevue Hospital.

Hope you've got an Obama card to cover this.

He believes it was the latest in a string of knockout attacks in New York City.

Despite the overwhelming evidence, we'll pretend that it's possible this isn't the case. Go back to sleep, Whitey. 

"It's cowardly, you know?" he said. "If you're going to face me face to face, and punch me like that, that's one thing. But to run up from behind me? It's like, c'mon."

The negro is a worthless coward.

Surveillance video has caught similar attacks over the last several months, all of which are seemingly random and don't appear to be attempted robberies.

Yeah, "seemingly random." I sure don't see any common pattern here, no sir. 

A similar but unrelated attack happened the same day in Vinegar Hill, Brooklyn.

Probably just a coincidence.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at (800) 577-TIPS (8477).

"No arrests were made."

Don't become the next "random" victim. Avoid the negro areas. Be armed. Don't let your guard down around the negro. The kosher system is not going to protect you. Until the day of victory when the negro is removed we have to survive.