Monday, June 30, 2014

Adios America

The official policy of our government is the destruction of our nation. Never in human history has such an unprecedented national suicide occurred, going from 90% White and prosperous to the current mess in about half a century, a feat of nation-wrecking beyond the wildest dreams of the Frankfurt School jews behind it. Today another bullet was put into the dead body of the U.S.S.A., releasing vile gas into the air. The southern invasion, fully supported by our elected criminals, has entered a new and pathetic stage where "busing" is used to send worthless brown sewage to your town.

A glimpse into the reality of the thousands of illegal immigrants being released into the U.S. by the Obama Administration was captured on video in a Greyhound Bus station in Laredo, Texas this weekend.

Natural conservative here for a better life. Get them welfare, get them special preferences, put up signs in foreign languages. A country that took its own life, the noose of third world immigration digs into the broken neck, hope on a rope.

The illegal immigrants who cross as incomplete family units simply enter the U.S. illegally, turn themselves in to U.S. Border Patrol agents, are processed, and then released with a notice to appear at a future date for court proceedings. U.S. taxpayers then fund bus tickets for the illegal immigrants to go to the U.S. city of their choosing.

Don't worry Whitey, we'll make you pay for you displacement and ultimate destruction. Go to any city you want, Pedro. Bring your family of 50. You'll vote for small government and individual rights, I'm sure.

Approximately 95 percent of the illegal immigrants never return as promised for court proceedings, according to Hector Garza, a Border Patrol agent and spokesperson for the National Border Patrol Council (NBPC) Local 2455.

Big surprise there. Sneaky, lying filthy criminals, a biological plague, released by our own criminally insane leadership.

"The majority of these people crossed the border illegally and where then dropped off here at the bus station so they could continue to their final destination, and that destination is an American city near you," said Garza.

No where left to run. We'll ship the rot of  "diversity" right to your door, on your dime.

See you at the Republican convention, amigo!

"This right here is border insecurity at it's best. Our border is not patrolled, it's not being secured ... our federal government is releasing thousands and thousands of illegal aliens into our communities."

Not with a bang, but with a whimper.

As the dirt of foreign invasion is shoveled on the remains of a once great nation we have to keep focusing on the future for Whites. We need our own homeland. The time to start working for it is now.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Mexican Military Attacks Hapless U.S.S.A.

We need more illegal immigration, a lot more. This is the general consensus of the kosher criminals that control our government, media and educational complex. An endless flood of welfare colonists and "natural conservatives" will somehow strengthen a nation that has already been pronounced dead and is presently being prepared for a dignified disposal. Certainly our total inability to defend our own borders won't give hostile foreign elements any crazy ideas. We're still the best country in the world, after all, just ask any professional liar.

News 4 Tucson has learned a Mexican military helicopter travelled across the border and fired on U.S. Border Patrol agents.

This story of armed foreign invasion into our feckless Land of the Jew and Home of the Slave has received very little attention from the dinosaur media. Who cares, right? It's just an act of war from a nation that has been pouring their human sewage across our border for decades, bringing drugs, disease, violence, filth and economic collapse. Let's watch some negro kick a ball instead.

The chopper fired on the agents but missed them. The chopper then flew back into Mexico. We're told Mexican authorities contacted the U.S. and apologized for the incident.

It was probably just a trial run to see just how weak and unprepared we actually are. Now they know for sure. Time to issue a fake apology and start planning the next step of the reconquista. 

 This is a real jew-produced advertisement.

The incident occurred after midnight and before 6 a.m. Helicopter flew into the U.S. and fired on two U.S. Border Patrol agents.

Looks like that "electronic fence" isn't working.

A nation is genetic identity. A nation is shared culture. A nation is a remembered past and vision of the future. A nation is a corporate entity that can defend itself from outside attacks. None of this is true for today's U.S.S.A. It's headed for history's ash heap. Our job is to ensure that a White nation replaces it.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Moral and Social Breakdown

Please watch the following video. It contains appalling negro violence. If you are "sensitive" or are trying to pretend reality doesn't exist in order to feel better then you need to see this more than anyone.

Police are searching for a woman seen on an amateur video savagely beating another woman as the victim's 2-year-old son watched and pleaded for the violence to stop.

Yes, the brown monster in the video is apparently a sow and not a buck. I couldn't tell, either.

"Police in this county deal with this type of violence everyday. Yet, this video is physically sickening to watch," Salem Chief of Police John J. Pelura III said Wednesday.

If you want to really get sick think about the bastards that cause this: the jew billionaire money thugs, the pathetic White careerists, the communists, the "we're all equal" delusionals. They turned animals like this loose.

The suspect in the case has been identified as Latia Harris, 25, of Salem, who is facing charges of aggravated assault and two counts of making terroristic threats, Pelura said. She has not yet been apprehended.

"No arrests were made." I'm sure every effort is being made by Big jew to get this into the memory hole before any more Whites wake up.

The person who took the video appears to have happened upon the incident and began recording, probably using a cell phone. The video shows several others watching the beating and recording it on phones while the victim's toddler son tries to intervene on behalf of his mother, kicking at the assailant.

Thanks to the miracle of technology this sort of Kitty Genovese apathy and anti-soul can now be easily documented by the heartless onlookers.

The chief said the unidentified victim was "disoriented, confused and bleeding from the face."

White girl bleed a lot. Why you need to be armed, example number 10,188,479,001.

Pelura said the victim said a woman named "Tia" who works at McDonald's assaulted her and "accused her of spreading rumors about her and her manager."

Another great moment for 365 Black McDonalds.

During the beating the suspect continued to rant, using foul language and saying something about possibly losing her job.

The content of their character.

Imagine a negro stomping a White victim...forever.

At one point, Pelura said, and it is clearly seen in the video, Harris threatened to kick the victim's son in his face. The video shows the assailant spitting on the victim and walking away, asking those recording the incident not to post it on social media.

This living dog shit is our equal. Please ignore the evidence of your lying eyes.

The victim was taken to The Memorial Hospital of Salem County, Mannington Township, for treatment.

I hope the "Obamacare" covers this sort of animal attack.

"There is a moral and social breakdown in the fabric of our society which is clearly evident when a woman gets pummeled in broad daylight in front of her child while a dozen people pull out their phones to record the incident instead of calling for help," Pelura said. "There is so little regard for human life — by the actor and the bystanders."

Thanks, "diversity!"

The U.S.S.A. is dead. We're a nation of dangerous animals, kosher wire-pullers and numb bystanders gazing at the horror through idiot-phones. Bring on the fire.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Eroding Rule of Law: Louisville Negroes Released

Back in March I discussed the undeclared, one-sided race war that was silently destroying Louisville, another American city on the fast track to Detroit-style collapse. The reaction from the "leadership" was typical: negroes demanded "mo free sheet" and cowardly careerist Whites ignored the obvious racial cause in favor of spouting marxist drivel. The truth is the negro is only kept from jealousy-fueled racial attacks by their natural cowardice and a fear of an increasingly gelded "races" justice system. As the willingness to actually punish negro pathology vanishes, these crimes are going to become even more common.

Make no mistake, our rule of law is collapsing. It started with "we could never deport all those may-hee-can invaders!" and this learned helplessness is now infiltrating the entire system. Now we hear "we could never punish all those age 21 teens!" The next likely step is "prison amnesty."

I trust you've acquired a firearm and become proficient in its use. If not, stop reading this and go do that instead.

Four men were cleared Tuesday of all charges in connection with crimes in the city during a violent weekend in March.

Four dangerous animals were released back into a dying city, their hatred of Whites now stronger than ever.

All four will now try to go on with their lives, but it is back to the drawing board for the Louisville Metro Police Department.

Yes, the moronic genetic alien is going to move on with its life, back to the applied calculus, molecular biology, rapping, oceanography and basketball. The 90 I.Q. police officer can at least take some solace in knowing this really wasn't their fault, for once.

The Commonwealth's Attorney's Office said the evidence wasn't clear enough to go to trial.

The "high quality" footage of brown blobs wasn't enough.

Useless footage of the content of their character.

"Thank you, Jesus. I told you I was going to pray until something happens," said Cheri Allen, whose son, Shaquazz Allen, was cleared.

The blasphemy and idiocy of an evolutionary dead-end. I think we can safely say that someone named "Shaquazz" has never contributed anything of value to Western civilization. 

Allen, 18, and his cousins Tyrone Booker, 19, Jerron Bush, 21, and Craig Dean, 20, were accused of robbing a woman at gunpoint at the intersection of Amy and Market streets.

I'm sure in reality they're good kids, turning their lives around. 

Allen and Booker were also accused of later assaulting a woman at the intersection of First and Liberty streets the same night a group of young people wreaked havoc in the downtown area.

Those crazy "young people," at it again. No mention of race, as per the jewish script. 

"You had a lot of cars getting broken into and that mob violence just kept continuing," said Leland Hulbert with the Commonwealth's Attorney's Office.

"I mean, what is this, Paris?"

"Spending two months (in jail). I didn't like it. I hated it," Shaquazz Allen said.

This is the mind of the American negro, the level of introspection they're capable of. Not fully animal, not fully human. A failed branch of humanity that must be removed for our own protection.

Supporters referred to them as the "Misidentified Four," claiming their arrest was a case of racial profiling.

When in doubt use jew communist vocabulary and blame Whites. Had enough of this yet?

Last month, surveillance footage reportedly showed Booker in a Thornton's around the time of the assault.

The police state fails to control the negro. We need more cameras, more spying, fewer rights. It will make you safe, honest.

Shaquazz Allen said he now plans to be an activist.

The next Barry Soetoro, at least until it kills someone in a "robbery gone wrong" and we're forced to actually put this piece of dog shit away.

"I would love to talk to the young people and tell them you can get accused of something you really didn't do," he said.

Or in your case, something you did do. 

"No more sleepless nights. No more headache, no more stress. No more anything. Back to normal life," Cheri Allen said.

Back to the normal routine of drug abuse, "down low," robberies and "kill Whitey."

Waddell is now investigating whether to bring a lawsuit against the city, police department and the Commonwealth's Attorney's Office.

Let's get that negro lottery going, too! If you don't think the collapse is coming, you're delusional.

Conrad said he still hopes someone will come forward with information about the violence that will lead to more arrests.

"No arrests were made."

The jews controlling our government, the communists pulling the levers of power, they want us dead. Obviously guilty negroes are now going unpunished with shocking regularity. The "races" justice system is a sick joke, a completely ruined kosher operation. No one is going to protect us except ourselves. The cameras that gather worthless footage can't do it. The increasingly militarized police that now recruits 90 I.Q. scumbags can't do it. It's up to us. Be armed and ready. Avoid the negro. 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

African America: Detroit Drought

The Detroit collapse is an early warning system for what awaits the rest of the U.S.S.A. on the kosher marxist path we've been slouching down for the last fifty years. An entire city devastated by the content of their character, ruined by the low I.Q. and poor impulse control, buried in debt and crime. What remains is a testament to the madness of the jewish century, the delusion that self-evident racial differences somehow aren't real, that a negro is just a White with unfortunate "skin color" and not a receding forehead, a brow ridge, a muzzle and the savage animal mind to match. We're still being fed this lie. The flames are prepared to feast on the American cadaver and there's still an honesty drought, to go with a literal one in an area fully annexed by the African sewer.

Activists angered by the closing of water accounts for thousands of people behind in their payments have taken their fight to the United Nations.

"We gwine go to dat You En. We gots da raht! We gots da raht!" This is the end, when the Whites are gone, when the hope is gone, when there's no one left to scream "racism" at, only ruins and rot.

In March, the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD) announced that it would start cutting off the services of homes, schools and businesses that were at least 60 days overdue or more than $150 behind.

This is how civilization dies. Not with the perverse dignity of atomic explosions, but with the pathetic whimper of the suicide, a nation sitting in a car in the garage, the tube of "diversity" running from the tailpipe to the window, waiting for death.

The move, in which as many as 3,000 properties were expected to be cut off each week, has outraged campaigners.

Animals hooting and hollering over a debt that can't be paid. We pretended they were human and paid a horrific price for it.

The Blue Planet Project, an organisation promoting access to clean water, last week submitted a critical report to Catarina de Albuquerque, the UN’s Special Rapporteur on its resolution for the right to safe drinking water and sanitation.

African failure in the heart of the Midwest. Maybe we can get some jew "entertainers" to perform a "water for the American negro" concert.

“Sick people have been left without running water and working toilets. People recovering from surgery cannot wash and change bandages. Children cannot bathe and parents cannot cook,” the letter pleads, as it estimates that as many as 30,000 households will be subject to the move by the end of summer.

Negro animals with no running water to clean off the blood after their crimes, "parents" unable to cook some "ghetto lobster." Part child, part devil, totally incompatible with a civilized White nation.

The cut offs come as part of a further money-generating scheme by the Detroit City Council , which announced earlier this month that it is expected to hike water bills by more than $5 per month – an increase of 8.7 per cent.

The same half-formed creatures that buy $300 sneakers with welfare checks can't afford an extra Lincoln to keep the water on.

“The case of water cut-offs in the City of Detroit speaks to the deep racial divides and intractable economic and social inequality in access to services within the United States.

Translated from the jew communist drivel: the negro is too stupid and violent to care for itself.

This house had its water cut.

“The burden of paying for city services has fallen onto the residents who have stayed within the economically depressed city, most of whom are African-American. These residents have seen water rates rise by 119 per cent within the last decade.

Well, who should pay for it? Yeah, that's right. The White Devil. 

The group has also called for fair water rates and for the State of Michigan and the US government to respect "the human right to water and sanitation."

Whenever I hear the words "human right" I start reaching for my gun. 

The United Nations will have to take care of our negro problem. We've created a Sudan in miniature, a decaying testament to what one standard deviation in I.Q. means in practical terms. It's time for a new direction, it's time to send this failed race back to "The Mother." It's time for White Nationalism.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Own Goal

In Brazil an ugly third world spectacle is currently unfolding, where negroes, la-teen-ohs and assorted mystery meat represent formerly White nations in a battle to see who can sell out their racial and cultural identity most completely. Meanwhile, in the African Heart of Darkness the monochrome population is excited about their team of identical-looking and behaving diversity. Unfortunately, they also have to deal with the rich vibrancy of the "Religion of Peace." This is America's future if we fail: mindless brown clones preying on each other against a backdrop of burning ruins.

At least 13 people including young children were killed when a bomb tore through a venue in northeast Nigeria where fans had gathered to watch a World Cup soccer match.

All against all in "The Mother." Their population is exploding just like those jihadan bombs. They want to enter our White nations and our kosher ruling criminals are encouraging it.

Some people at the scene said an attacker dropped a device in front of the venue on Tuesday night in the town of Damaturu and ran off, while others said it was the work of a suicide bomber.

The difference between moderate and radical Islam: moderates plant explosive devices, radicals wear "heaven robes."

Damaturu and the surrounding Yobe state are at the heart of a five-year-old insurgency by Islamist group Boko Haram.

Coming soon to Europe and the U.S.S.A.

The Nigerian government has advised people to avoid gathering in public to watch the World Cup, concerned about potential attacks.

No rule of law. A helpless central authority. This sure sounds familiar.

No, this isn't El-France.

Many fans in soccer-mad Africa rely on informal venues, often open-sided structures with televisions set up in shops and side streets to watch live coverage of the sport.

After America enters history's crematorium we can expect to see these same "informal venues" where debased Whites can huddle close to the jewish glow and then be victimized by our racial enemies.

Boko Haram, whose name roughly translates as "Western education is sinful" - has declared war on all signs of what it sees as corrupting Western influence.

More like the corrupting jewish influence. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

We're at a crossroads. The choice is a restoration of our White homelands and the Golden Age that will follow or to continue on the current kosher road to African and Latin American ruin. I made my choice a long time ago. We must save our race and save civilization.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Holohoax Industry: Massive Theatrical Production Planned

One of the biggest victories of our jewish enemy has been tricking Whites to actively fund their own brainwashing and destruction. Pay big money to see some kosher movie or play and then be exposed to anti-White messages under the guise of "entertainment." Whites are spending their hard-earned money to hear marxist sermons on how evil we are. Try that on any other race and see how well it goes. Our natural tendency towards justice, compassion and concern for the outsider has been ruthlessly exploited by racial enemies that want us dead. They don't just want us dead, they expect us to pay for the bullet behind the ear.

Anne Frank's diary has been brought to life in a multimillion pound theatrical production.

Jewish lies funded with stolen shekels. Pay to see this drivel, Whitey.

Simply titled 'Anne', the show transports viewers back to the Amsterdam apartment where Anne and her family hid from the Nazis during the Second World War.

Watch the special, unique sufferink of g*d's chosen people! All major credit cards accepted!

Set in a specially-built theatre on the outskirts of the town, viewers are able to watch the moment the Frank family are arrested and dragged away by German security police - as well as the moments leading up to that fateful moment.

Don't forget the homicidal death chambers and shrunken heads and jew soap and all the rest.

The show marks the first time a theatrical production has been forged directly from Frank's actual writings since an award-winning 1950s play that escalated her tale, which was little known at the time, to the world's attention.

"Forged" is the right word, no doubt about that.

With the blessings of the charity that owns the diary's copyright, Anne uses Frank's own words, including some passages excluded from the original published diary.

Yeah, some of those amazing "discovered" passages. Whites fall for this obvious con game.

Her father, Otto Frank, survived Auschwitz and later published Anne's diary, which had been saved by Miep Gies, one of the Dutch 'helpers' that brought the family food and other supplies.

Please ignore the highly suspicious nature of this tall tale.

Tickets range from 20-70 euros (£16-£55) but the Fond's licensing fees go to UNICEF, the U.N. children's fund.

We need that Third World population explosion, after all.

Full Story.

Our enemy has to keep the lies alive, has to keep us walking toward our own destruction. Even as our nations fall this nonsense continues. Wake up.

Monday, June 16, 2014

"Hundreds of Cameras" Fail to Prevent Negro Rape

For Whites the purpose of public school is indoctrination, to instill right-think, to make sure there's compliance with the goals of billionaire jew nation-wreckers. If some White victims get raped or murdered in the process that's just a bonus. Cultural marxism is a weapon intended to destroy Whites and only Whites, so the "minority" experience in the publik schmuel is a little different. Gladiator training. Gang recruiting. Drugs. Rape in the hallways. Despite efforts to make these structures as similar to a prison as possible the negro pathology finds a way.

A 17-year-old student has been released on bail after being arrested for allegedly raping a 15-year-old girl in their school hallway.

Sure, release this animal. It's probably a good boy turning its life around, future neurologist or rapper, the usual.

Jocori Scarborough allegedly forced the girl, whose name is not being released due to her age and the nature of the crime, to follow him down to a hallway in Parkside High School in Maryland where there were no surveillance cameras.

Big Brother failed. We don't even have blurry footage of this African-style horror. Genetic determinism defeats the wasteful spending, as usual.

Local station WBOC reports that she repeatedly said 'no' but he is seen grabbing her by the arm and forcing her into an area where the security cameras could no longer record their interactions.

Keep paying those taxes, Whitey. Stay asleep. I'm sure we can convert this monster into a good little citizen.

Once out of sight, he allegedly lifted up her skirt, removed her underwear and forced sexual intercourse. She maintains that she tried to stop him throughout the incident and continually shouted 'no'.

The content of their character. Typical negro behavior.

He was detained on Tuesday and released that night on a $100,000 bond. It is not clear who the girl notified after the alleged attack or why it took a day for Scarborough to be arrested.

Yeah, who knows. Hey, did you see the African Tree Hockey?

Muzzle. Brow ridge. Low I.Q. Soulless dead eyes. This is the enemy.

'How could that go on where a teacher doesn’t know?' fellow student Kelsie Dukes told The News Journal.

"Dem niggas be ruttin' on dem hoes an dee tee-cha ain't be nawing?"

'It’s scary. It's very scary.'

The implications for the future of the U.S.S.A., however short it might be, certainly are.

Officials said that there are hundreds of cameras throughout the schools and buses in Wicomico County but it does not appear that this particular hallway was under surveillance at the time of the attack.

Despite an Orwellian police state the negro still acted in a totally predictable fashion. They don't belong in a White nation.

'At any given moment, there may not be people in every nook and cranny of the building,' superintendent of schools John Fredericksen told The New Journal.

Right. Who could possibly keep track of all those negroes. 

'You can't control the behaviors of every person all the time. But we are as safe as you can possibly be within our situation.'

This is why they need to be removed from our nations.

Putting cameras everywhere is not going to magically change the behavior of alien savages. Just ask the United Kaliphate. The solution is a White nation.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Planned Demolition

The U.S.S.A. is a mess. Even for the average slumbering White this is no longer a very controversial statement. Anyone not living in willful ignorance or cynical profiteering can easily admit this. Where things get difficult is explaining that this isn't some accident of history, some inevitable entropy outside of human control but is actually a carefully planned strategy engineered by jew communists to enrich themselves and destroy Whites. For many, although far fewer than even a decade ago, this a bridge too far, a blood libel, a statement of slander, a heresy. The facts must be evil, they must be racist. Better to go back to the kosher entertainment, the pornography and pills, the "look at that boy run."

This is what we're up against. Getting the truth to Whites who still feel living a lie is a workable survival strategy. Spreading the word that we're in a struggle for survival against ruthless and organized opposition, an opposition who uses money, education and brown invaders as bullets and bombs in the war against Whites. It's all intentional. The insanity of the kosher communist death cult is deployed against us.

An organization of former Border Patrol agents Wednesday charged that the federal government, under the administration of President Obama, is deliberately arranging for a flood of immigrant children to arrive in America for political purposes.

We need these "heart-rending" accounts of little children that somehow made it to our border and then went through one of the many holes in the old "electronic fence" we were promised by elected criminals. Just think of the poor little brown children says the professional liar.

“This is not a humanitarian crisis. It is a predictable, orchestrated and contrived assault on the compassionate side of Americans by her political leaders that knowingly puts minor illegal alien children at risk for purely political purposes,” said the statement released by the National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers.

The basic goodness of Whites is exploited mercilessly by our enemy. We are the only race that cares about justice, or has empathy for outsiders, or would act against our self-interest to do what's "right." Normally these would be laudable traits, but they've been weaponized and spewed from the talmudvision and the pulpits of JUDEO-christian churches. We have a soul, a weakness our enemies do not share.

“Certainly, we are not gullible enough to believe that thousands of unaccompanied minor Central American children came to America without the encouragement, aid and assistance of the United States government,” the officers said.

You'd be surprised how "gullible" Whites get when faced with the carrot of materialism and the stick of having your life destroyed by marxist kommissars.

Republicans are blaming Obama’s immigration policies for enticing the illegals, particularly the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program launched in 2012, which recently was renewed.

It would be treason, if America still existed in any meaningful way.

A federal judge even concluded the White House “has simply chosen not to enforce … border security laws.”

Yeah. No shit. reported this week Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer calls the situation a “creation” of the federal government, and Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., assigned blame for the “calamity” to Obama.

We're blaming the puppet, instead of the hands manipulating it: the hands of Big jew.

Fox News reported it had obtained a memo from an official with Customs and Border Protection who said the current policies are serving as an incentive for illegal aliens to sneak into the U.S.

It sure took these people awhile to figure out the obvious, didn't it?

We can't wait to start voting for small government.

The White House is asking for $1.4 billion more for the illegal-alien children, which by some estimates will grow to 150,000 next year.

Just keep printing worthless money to finance the rot, everything will be fine.

The officers argue that the non-enforcement of immigration laws is “the next step in becoming a failed state.”

I'd say we've pretty much completed that process. Dead, embalmed and waiting for the hungry flames.

“Yes, our leaders are guilty. However, we are responsible because it is the American voter [who] has placed untrustworthy people in positions of power and kept them there when they have clearly demonstrated that they have violated that public trust.

We're not going to vote our way out of this disaster.

“These successful con artists are well dressed, attractive and charming,” the statement said.

Many wear weird little caps on the back of their heads.

The officers even questioned whether “this heartless criminal exploitation of Central American infants and children [will] finally awaken Americans to the ruse being foisted upon them by their government, the media and other interested parties.”

We're waking up, but we've got a long way to go. 

Our government is a treasonous snake, our nation a rapidly cooling body. Cause of death: suicide. This final, pathetic attempt to speed White displacement removes whatever doubt anyone might have had. The U.S.S.A. is finished. The question is what will replace it and what are we doing about it.

Armed Whites Defeat Negro Home Invasion

You need to be armed. Ignore everything else I say and listen to this and I'll count it as a net victory. Whites are now facing open warfare in our nations. We're being targeted for destruction by the communist jew. The negro and the la-teen-oh are being used as biological weapons. The 90 I.Q. police force and the "races" justice system are not going to protect us. It's our own responsibility, our fight for survival. It's the difference between living another day and becoming a forgotten hush crime victim.

A husband and wife armed with guns were able to stave off an apparent home invasion Monday night, police said.

The same situation without armed Whites would have led to a very different outcome.

One man was killed and a second taken to a hospital in the incident, which happened about 11 p.m. in the 4600 block of Newport Avenue.

One animal was permanently cured of its criminality, the other will receive free medical care paid for by White tax-payers.

Police say a 17-year-old girl who lived at the home was outside retrieving something from her car when she was approached by two masked and armed men who forced her into her house, using her as a shield.

Negro terrorism. A cowardly, violent, moronic worthless race, brought here in jewish chains, unleashed by cultural marxism. This living dog shit has no place in a White nation.

The teen’s father, 34, saw the men walking up with his daughter, got his firearm and fired several shots at them, striking both of the men as they entered his home.

The correct way to handle a racially motivated "robbery gone wrong."

One of the men, Terrell Johnson, 31, of the 4500 block of Natural Bridge Road, collapsed on the living room floor and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Nothing of value was lost.

The second man, Cortez McClinton, 33, was standing behind Johnson when Johnson was shot. McClinton pointed a gun inside the doorway and also was shot. McClinton then ran away and got his brother to transport him to a hospital, police said. He was treated for gunshot wounds to the chest and both thighs.

Faced with well-prepared Whites the negro melts. This genetic alien used that amazing "southern speed" to run from the Whites it hoped to victimize.

McClinton, of the 3100 block of Pennsylvania Avenue, was charged with second-degree murder (also called felony murder), kidnapping, burglary and armed criminal action. McClinton’s cash bail was set at $1 million.

This creature might get a year or two in the "crib." Its "homie" wasn't so lucky.

Stone Age leftover tried to prey on Whites, got shot.

In May 2010, McClinton was charged with fatally shooting Bryan Reed, 28, the previous month.

Another good boy, turning its life around.

The St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s Office dropped murder and armed criminal action charges against McClinton in Reed’s killing because of a lack of witness cooperation, said Susan Ryan, a spokeswoman for the office.

"I ain be snitchin'!" Dangerous simian goes through the judicial revolving door. Hopefully this time it will be put in a cage where it belongs.

McClinton has convictions in Missouri of drug possession and distribution and vehicle tampering.

Thanks to the eroding rule of law it might have murdered Whites. The gun put an end to it.

The system failed, but the gun worked. Avoiding the rot is becoming impossible in the U.S.S.A. We need to be ready to deal with it, until the day the whole rotten structure collapses. Then we will build a nation for Whites.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

More Amazing Photos of Detroit Rot

As the first major metropolitan area to be completely destroyed by the content of their character Detroit provides a glimpse into the future of the U.S.S.A. No money. Crime. Ruins. A 90% "minority" incapable of self-governance or even the most basic self-control. The fundamental transformation complete, the end of the road. Each day the necrosis spreads, a disaster in slow motion, the planned demolition of a once great nation. We can now observe this decay through "before and after" pictures of what happens when a once prosperous city is brought to its knees by predictable negro failure.

One blogger who decided to take this time lapse data and apply it to the city of Detroit is GooBing Detroit who, as the following time-lapse photos demonstrate, has captured Detoit's unprecedented slow-motion collapse into death and decay in what is the closest we have to "real time."

You can nearly taste the hopelessness, the jungle savagery, the lies piled on lies, the doomed effort to battle genetic determinism.

Perhaps what is most stunning about the following series of photos is not the ultimate fate of the bankrupt city, but how quickly a once vibrant metropolis has succumbed to blight and sheer desperation.

As we enter the end game of the cultural marxist takeover we're going to be amazed at how quickly an entire nation can be completely ruined by an intentional attack by jew communists.

Hopefully not coming to a street near you.

Yeah, I'm sure we'll hope our way out of this carefully planned disaster.

Full Story.

R.I.P. Detroit.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Wrong Turn

The jews controlling our media love to tell whole-cloth tales of "driving while black" or weave baseless fantasies about peaceful and diverse city-dwellers entering rural areas and being attacked by deformed Whites. Meanwhile, back in reality, stories of White drivers being attacked by negro mobs are little more than memory hole material. Detroit, the first American city to be fully annexed by Africa, is right at the heart of this growing danger. The kosher media would rather tell an apocryphal tale about a "well-behaved negro" being pulled over by police because of his skull shape than report this latest outrage. "Driving while White" can now join "Knockout Kings" and the summer of black pack attacks as the latest expression of an undeclared and completely one-sided race war.

A man is in the hospital after he got into a car crash, but it wasn't the crash that injured him. Instead, he was severely beaten afterwards on a nearby street corner.

A coming negro nightmare that makes "Mad Max" look tame.

He said he stopped and started to turn around when he was struck by a Chevy van. As Szczerbinski got out, he was confronted by the three guys who were in the van.

Those crazy "guys," at it again with their "pranks." No race mentioned, even in a case where talmudic "ethnic intimidation" charges are being considered. The same lies of omission from the dinosaur media.

Police sources told Local 4 the men quickly went on the attack, repeatedly punching and kicking Szczerbinski.

The content of their character. A fender-bender ends in a black pack attack. The negro is incapable of living in a civilized nation.

Another forgotten "Driving While White" victim.

The violent attack brings back memories of the assault on Steve Utash, the man who was severely beaten by an angry mob after hitting a boy on the east side of Detroit by accident.

Or at least it should, assuming you heard about that before we stopped talking about it and went back to non-stop coverage of the latest non-White "open shooter" or the muslim hero soldier who doesn't want to speak English right now.

Now, Szczerbinski and his family are focused on his recovery and they said they're hopeful police will track down those responsible.

I wouldn't hold my breath.

One man is reportedly in custody, potentially facing assault and ethnic intimidation charges.

Why there would be weird special charges on a case involving "guys" is a mystery of the dinosaur media.

Stay out of Detroit. Stay out of the negro areas. Be armed.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

White Woman Raped By Haitan Savage, Blames White Civilization

When jewish communism failed to quickly conquer the Western World, as predicted by the son of a rabbi that invented that nihilistic death cult, our enemies needed a new strategy. It was obvious that open violence from useful idiots had limited utility, working only in nations that were already lying prone from outside attacks, and even then far less successful than had been hoped. The new plan wasn't direct warfare, but involved "winning hearts and minds" if you will, in conjunction with the destruction of White civilization. The weapons for this new war would be the schools and media, the ammunition would be feminism, promiscuity, the sodomite agenda, materialism, "anti-racism," the equality myth, and on and on. Nearly a hundred years later this subversive campaign has won victories beyond the wildest dreams of the jew nation-wrecker.

Our culture is a toilet, our borders are a joke, our leadership is the enemy and our future is an all against all collapse. Thanks to the Long March Through the Culture many deluded Whites are cheering this impending disaster and blaming a world that no longer exists for whatever horrors their almost unbelievable delusions visit on their own heads.

Amanda Kijera was on a humanitarian trip to Haiti, when she was violently raped by a black man.

This is like sticking a fork into a wall socket and then being surprised at the results. This is the pathology of the American White. Worship of the other, embracing our own destruction, a suicidal madness consuming the remains of once great nations.

The act was both coincidental and devastating, as Kijera was actually in Haiti to dispel the “myths” that violence against women on the island was overstated by women’s rights organizations.

Suffice it to say the "myths" have been fully confirmed. Incredibly, she hasn't learned anything. One has to wonder how many Whites have been so completely ruined by kosher mind-washing that they're entirely beyond salvation.

The intention of Kijera’s trip was to push back on the portrayal of black men as “savages” in the media.

Yeah, the same media that buries and ignores negro violence, especially when a White is the victim. Maybe that "portrayal" is a direct reflection of reality, but since that hurts your feelings and offends jew billionaires that want you dead let's pretend it's some kind of "racism."

However, Kijera’s trip took a turn for the worse when one of the men she had worked to protect cornered her on the rooftop, and raped her numerous times.

I'm not one of those "she deserved it!" people, but it's hard to muster too much sympathy. When someone jumps into the tiger exhibit at the zoo you don't blame the tiger for what inevitably happens.

“The experience was almost more than I could bear,” Kijera wrote about the incident, “I pleaded with him to honor my commitment to Haiti, to him as a brother in the mutual struggle for an end to our common oppression, but to no avail. He didn’t care.”

Yeah. Imagine that. "I voted for Obama!" is not going to save you when the EBT shuts off and our cities explode. You better be armed and ready.

After the tragic experience, she placed the blame on a very unexpected course.

No prizes for guessing it.

Women are not the source of their oppression; oppressive policies and the as-yet unaddressed white patriarchy which still dominates the global stage are,” she explained.

Spiritual and mental sickness. Before the negro animal raped her body the jew communist raped her mind.

Kijera makes the outrageous claim that dependency on white people causes them to act out against them. She alludes that this was the reason for her attack.

Whites are always somehow at fault. This is Rule Zero of the cultural marxist.

Believed White Men were evil; was raped by a negro.

While the circumstances Kijera were forced to endure were unacceptable, her commits make the unspoken conclusion that the incident would  not have happened if it weren’t for white men.

In an odd way I guess that's true. If we'd removed this failed race from our nations and prevented our women from entering their all against all ruins this wouldn't have happened.

We have to save our people, reach as many as we can while it's still legal to tell the truth. The collapse of the U.S.S.A. is coming soon, we're not going to revive a corpse by voting for kosher candidates in a controlled election. We've got a lot of work ahead of us.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Negro Brutally Murders White Woman in "Drug Deal Gone Wrong"

Get on drugs Whitey! This is another verse in the song of cultural destruction composed by the Frankfurt School jew. Big jew spends big money to advance the goal of turning Whites into soulless slaves to narcotics. The pathetic White junkie is no threat to the cultural marxist agenda and because this addiction forces interaction with society's scum it places Whites in harm's way with the negro and la-teen-oh sewage. The outcome is predictable and totally according to the plans of the nation-wreckers.

A 42-year-old St. Louis man faces first-degree murder charges in the death of a 24-year-old woman whom police say was killed in a fight over drugs.

No race mentioned, of course. Let's look at a few pictures.

Another forgotten victim of the Long March Through the Culture.

This genetic alien murdered a debased White woman.

City prosecutors charged on Thursday charged Raheem Thorpe in connection with the Wednesday night homicide of Lauren Bach. St. Louis police say they found Bach in a bathtub at a home in the Carondolet neighborhood with injuries to her head and neck as well as bite marks on her neck and back.

Battered and mauled by an African animal. Bite marks. This is the content of their character. This is what happens to a slumbering White in a drug-induced fog who believed all the kosher lies.

Investigators say the woman died from strangulation.

The story, which has received almost no coverage, will now be sent down the memory hole.

If we're going to survive the coming collapse we must be strong in mind, body and spirit. Loading up on kosher poison to escape reality, while perhaps understandable, is not the answer. We must be sober and vigilant. The summer "busy season" is here and the rot never rests. Protect yourself and avoid the negro.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Exercise in Futility

After discussing the military-prostitution complex and several negro hush crimes I think we've earned the right to take a break from the death of the West and enjoy some physical comedy. Yes, it's everyone's favorite foreign exchange student entering T-Rex mode in a Polish gym. We have amazing footage of the scrawny Kenyan queer pumping some serious iron in preparation for his "Rocky IV" style confrontation with the Russians. This is the leader of the "Free" World.

This pathetic, gay drug abuser was selected by Big Jew and installed via fraud. Now this walking embarrassment is the puppet of the kosher plutocrats and a living symbol of everything wrong with the modern world. Hurry up and die, U.S.S.A.  

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Sacred Rule: Army Base Acts as Negro-Run Brothel

Our zionist army is a total and complete joke. Moronic negroes, sodomites, weeping women, sneaky la-teen-ohs and careerist politicians make up the American Golem, the heroic force for good that bravely fights for the best interests of Israel and jewish billionaires. I'm not complaining. When this mess is turned against American citizens, which now seems inevitable, it's best that cultural marxist madness has rendered it inept. Until then, we can watch the jewish necrosis spread through this institution and marvel at how the most ridiculous lies were once passed off on the average American dupe.

Lies like "we're all equal" and "the negro is just a sun-tanned White." How could we have been so foolish?

Two soldiers said Tuesday that a noncommissioned sexual-assault prevention officer at Fort Hood recruited them and other cash-strapped female soldiers to join a prostitution ring.

Hero soldiers bravely trading ass for cash, while the negro middle man pockets most of the federal reserve counterfeit. The heart swells with patriotic pride.

Their testimonies came during an Article 32 hearing to determine whether Sgt. 1st Class Gregory McQueen will face a military court-martial on more than 21 criminal charges filed in March that include pandering, adultery and sexual assault. The hearing is similar to a grand jury proceeding.

No mention of race, as per policy. Maybe a picture would be helpful?

Negro hero/pimp proudly serves a dead nation.

“Basically, it was having sex with higher-ranking officers for money,” the private said, according to the Killeen Daily Herald.

Now go and die in some desert to keep this depravity going. They fought for nothing. They're perverts, opportunists and criminals.

She was 20 at the time of the alleged misconduct and said she confided in McQueen, telling him she was experiencing money problems after her husband left her and her 3-year-old son and drained the couple’s bank account.

...and I'm proud to be an Amerikwan/Where at least I know I'm free...

She also testified that McQueen had sex with her and took photos of her naked to show potential clients.

The content of their character. A relatively high-functioning negro parlays his 90 I.Q. and position of trust into turning an army base into a giant negro whore house. 

The private testified Tuesday that McQueen arranged for her to have sex with Grimes for $100.

Debase yourself with Private Chrissy! Only one Cee Note!

A second female soldier testified that McQueen sexually assaulted her and also attempted to recruit her to join the prostitution ring, but she declined.

When the 90 I.Q. scheming failed, more typical negro behavior emerges.

Anu Bhagwati, executive director of Service Women’s Action Network and a former captain with the Marine Corps, said prostitution rings are not uncommon within the military and the allegations against McQueen were no surprise.

We could never arrest all these prostitutes in uniform. Let's just give up.

“Women are so few within the military still that I think predators look at women as fresh meat and the military as an institution where they can get away with criminal activity.”

Because your average American woman, completely debased by jewish feminism and materialism, is a being of pure good and light and would never do anything wrong on their own.

McQueen is facing a court-martial.

At least we won't have to "trade" this piece of brown garbage for a handful of Religion of Peace fanatics.

In the last days of a dying empire the army suffers. Low quality foreigners are brought in, corruption and crime is common, morale plummets, atrocities become the norm, the soldiers run from their own shadows when facing any serious opposition. In our dead country this has all come to pass. All that remains is the full collapse when the order comes to attack "domestic enemies."

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Negro "Open Shooter" At Chicago Laundromat, Media Silent

Watch a kosher news cast, if you have the stomach for it, and it will become pretty clear what the ruling criminals feel we as Whites need to know about. Africa Ball. "Heroic" sodomites. Our brave troops bleeding and dying for zionism half a world away. A wealthy jew expressing his true feelings toward the negro they use as a weapon against us. An evil half-caste shooting people because he couldn't get a women. In summation, a giant steaming pile of garbage.

Meanwhile the negro dysfunction continues to consume our urban areas, but for whatever reason this is not deemed important. Let's keep ignoring that brown elephant in the room. I'm sure they'll shape up any day now, as long as we keep spending. This has been the strategy for decades. Negro appeasement, lies and silence. Thanks to the internet, that time is over.

At least six people, including two teenagers, were shot Monday night at a laundromat in Chicago, according to multiple reports.

Another negro mass shooting. They lied about that, too.

The shootings took place around 8:30 p.m. at the Sudz laundry in the city's South Side. Four victims, including the two teens -- ages 14 and 16 -- are in serious-to-critical condition at area hospitals, the Chicago Tribune reports.

African tribal warfare rages in the still heart of a deceased nation. Looks like that "busy season" is here.

Most of the victims appear to be young adults, and the Chicago Sun-Times says one of the other victims is a 16-year-old boy.

Welcome to "Chiraq," land of massive gun control legislation, amazing diversity and "young adult" pathology.

“It’s too dangerous to let my kids play around the neighborhood,” construction worker Matthew Gills, who lives across the street from the laundromat, told the Sun-Times. “That’s all it is is gangs. Gangs, gangs, gangs, gangs, gangs. I don’t even want to be in Chicago because it’s too dangerous. I’m trying to move to Texas.”

Run Whitey, run! It's not like there's a kosher plan in place already to chase you down. I'm sure you'll find safe all-White areas in a state steadily being annexed by May-hee-co.

Tweets from the scene showed the laundromat surrounded by crime scene tape as police worked inside.

Hashtag "Death of a Nation."

Bloated negresses and militarized police clean up the after the "diversity."

One customer said she was on her way to do her laundry when the shooting began.“I’m sitting there looking at this lady lying on the ground, crying,” Nashon Williams told CBS. “I was just about to walk through the doors.” 

"I be finnin taw wah dat lawndree when dere be dis rat-chat on de grown an sheet."

The Tribune reports that at least five people were also wounded in shootings elsewhere in the city on Monday evening. And CBS says there have been 23 people wounded by gunfire and seven killed in shootings since Friday.

The content of their character. All against all African warfare rages in a city built by White, for Whites. The police will lie about the numbers and claim everything is actually fine. The Whites will run for their lives, only to discover there's nowhere left to run.

The U.S.S.A. is doomed. Our job is to survive until the collapse is complete and then rebuild a White nation. Be armed and vigilant. The summer "busy season" is here and the "content of their character" will be on full display. Protect yourself and your family. The future is White nationalism.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Racially Motivated Shooting Goes Down Memory Hole

How long are Whites going to stay asleep? Currently every effort is being made by the jew wire-pullers to insure the careerism coma, the "everything is fine" delusion, continues. The violence of the one-sided undeclared race war currently raging is buried by the dinosaur media. Distractions like African Tree Hockey and kosher "reality" television are offered as an alternative. Controlled opposition, such as the Loser Party, is provided to drain our resources and create a "You could never defeat the course of history!" communist narrative. Those that do break free from the kosher matrix are vilified, their lives ruined, sometimes imprisoned. Still, the tide is turning. Everyday our enemy is losing ground. We have the truth on our side, they have lies, con games, numbing narcotics and a corrupt system.

Evansville police are investigating an early-morning shooting on Friday that left one person injured.

"No arrests were made."

Authorities identified the injured man as 39-year-old Burt Bender. Bender was shot once in the abdomen. He is expected to survive, according to an Evansville Police Department news release.

No speeches from the Kenyan homosexual, no g*d's chosen weeping and wailing, no new laws or protections, just the silence of the tomb. They want us dead.

The incident happened about 1:45 a.m. on Friday near the intersection of Adams and Kentucky avenues. Bender told investigators he was walking home when a group of black men in a red Pontiac car approached him.

Another case of "walking while White." Another unarmed victim. We have to start protecting ourselves from the rot.

Bender, who is white, told police that the men in the car yelled several racial slurs at him before one of them shot him, according to the department news release.

Suffice it to say the national news, our ruling criminals and the "races" justice system is not interested in this case. Another racially-motivated negro attack on our race. Had enough yet?

Evansville Police Department Sgt. Jason Cullum said investigator don’t think Bender knew any of the men in the car that approached him.

Yeah. That's probably the case. Good job, 90 I.Q. militarized police.

Full Story.

 Biological weapon unleashed by the nation-wreckers.