Monday, November 30, 2015

Black Monday

It's impossible to look at the "African American" with an impartial gaze and come to any other conclusion than this failed branch of humanity does not belong anywhere near a civilized White nation. The brow ridges, flat noses, sloped foreheads, muzzles and other archaic features suggests something more than animal but less than man and their behavior, the content of their character, certainly removes any lingering doubts. Where the negro goes, trouble follows. Over fifty years of groveling appeasement, blank checks, doomed do-gooder programs and numb acceptance of this walking pathogen have done nothing to improve the genetic alien while laying waste to once healthy nations. And here we are, 2015 bigot, with the same predictable negro behavior, the same excuses and lies, the same forgotten victims.

New Haven police are investigating after a 79-year-old man walking home from work said he was beaten and robbed by a group of five youths.

The weak and helpless, the preferred targets for shit people who are alive and healthy solely because of White generosity. Here's our big reward for feeding this idol of tar, for passing our sons and daughters through the flames of jewish "diversity" as a sweet savor for the nation wreckers. Robbery gone wrong, wrong place at the wrong time, probably an isolated incident. How about you watch this jew pornography and forget about the War on Whites there, goyim.

He told investigators he was hit from behind and attacked by five people, one on a bike, and one he described as obese. Police described them as black youths.

The modern U.S.S.A. in all its profound ugliness. Fat Albert and the gang prey on an elderly White, a man who lived through the disastrous jewish century, saw the kosher disaster unfold, first slowly, now all at once. Hit from behind by five worthless savages, their cowardice and anti-soul.

The man was punched, kicked and thrown to the ground and likely most consciousness, and his backpack and wallet were stolen. The wallet was later recovered. 

The banality of negro evil. Our dead nation, come on in, loot and destroy. Attack the free-range Legacy Americans, no one will care. Get dat bakk pakk awn, mudda fudda.

Detectives are reviewing video surveillance in hopes of identifying the attackers.

Based on the usual high qualities footage we're looking for five brown blobs, one of them slightly rounder than the others, another using a bike as a getaway car.

Full Story.

The White response.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Honoring the Jewish Cultural Rot

The profound and disgusting spiritual sickness of the modern U.S.S.A. is not some sort of bizarre accident. It's the end game of a long jewish war against White nations that has been more successful than any Frankfurt school choosenite could have imagined. Today's popular culture has all the beauty of a septic tank with none of the utility. It's the kosher anti-soul projected into our living rooms, the demonic puke endlessly promoted by billionaire bastards and our ruling criminals.As long as Whites keep passively absorbing this spiritual bio-toxin there is no hope for us. Meanwhile the failed cheerleader, sodomite, African tribesman and figurehead leader was giving awards to individual cancer cells that heroically participated in the national metastasis.

The 17 recipients of the Presidential Medal of Freedom this year are "extraordinary people" who have left their mark on politics, entertainment, athletics and the United States itself, President Obama said Tuesday.

I guess we can add "extraordinary" to the list of words that have been stripped of all meaning by cultural marxists.

From singer-actress Barbra Streisand to NASA mathematician Katherine G. Johnson to filmmaker Steven Spielberg 

From a jew to some other jew and the affirmative action math witch we've got it all! USSA! USSA! USSA!

An award for the oldest male negro not in a prison cell?

"We celebrate artists, public servants and two legends from America's pastime," Obama said, the latter comment referring to Berra and fellow baseball Hall of Fame member Willie Mays.

Those amazing heroes of American Cricket, how they have inspired. Look at that boy run. What a hero.

Mays, who wore a baseball cap to the ceremony, received perhaps the loudest ovation of the ceremony.

We're being invaded by foreign aliens with the full consent of our jew-controlled government, Muh Economy is in the toilet, our cities are burning, an undeclared War on Whites is getting worse with each passing day, but here's a medal for the silver-back and his wacky little cap (just like that other persecuted minority with no real power!). 

"It's because of giants like Willie that someone like me could think about running for president," said Obama, the nation's first African-American chief executive.

The first "yella" chief executive, the first mulatto scum, the last days of a dead nation. If I saw further than others it's because I stood on the shoulders of baseball simians.

The honored political leaders included the late U.S. congresswoman Shirley Chisholm, the first African-American woman to mount a major presidential campaign.

We're very proud of this poorly formed hominid and her "Not the White Man's Bitch" party. Hopefully one day the decay will reach a point where a negress with a giant posterior, long colorful nails, a constant "I canna hee-ah yew" problem and an inability to read cursive can wisely guide the stinking remains of our national cadaver. 

William D. Ruckelshaus, the first administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, also earned recognition for resigning his post in the Justice Department in 1973 rather than follow President Richard Nixon's order to fire the Watergate special prosecutor. 

Any excuse to attack the last jew-wise President. 

Withered jew and magic half-caste.

Gloria Estefan and Emilio Estefan won honors for pioneering the Latin-flavored fusion sound in music, while composer and lyricist Stephen Sondheim "re-invented the American musical" with complex and challenging themes.

Now for the la-teen-oh, who cares if another 40 million invades across our open border if we get another "Leeet's geeeeet feee-seeee-caallll" in the bargain. And hey, another one of g*d's favorite people who injected "complex themes" like attacking normal White America. 

Itzhak Perlman — "the most beloved violinist of our time," Obama said — also received a Presidential Medal of Freedom. So did Spielberg for films of "boundless imagination" that range from E.T. and Schindler's List to Saving Private Ryan.

Clearly the jew, the negro and the la-teen-oh are a dynamic force for good. I mean, look at all the awards! Also you're not kidding about "boundless imagination." Gas chambers with glass windows and wooden doors, blood fountains, color-coded smoke for different national origins, electric belts, a boy gassed unsuccessfully six times, bone-crushing machines, shrunken heads, deadly diesel submarines, lampshades and soap...yup, that jew can sure dream up some whoppers.

Medal recipients also included social activists like the late Billy Frank Jr., an advocate for tribal fishing rights. The late Minoru Yasui made legal challenges to curfews imposed on Japanese-Americans during World War II.

After "Best Jew Subversive" and "Magic Non-White with Rhythm and/or Child's Game Ability" it's time for the always exciting "Miscellaneous Cultural Destruction" category. 

"This is an extraordinary group," Obama said, one that demonstrates "what an incredible tapestry this country is."

Well, that or a pile of day-old unflushed shit in a clogged and overflowing gas station toilet.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, Modern Heretic will return with a new update on Monday.

Alien outsiders celebrate the destruction of a formerly healthy White nation.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Cucktianity: The Life-Transforming Power

If Whites are going to survive, if we're going to restore our nations, we need to fix ourselves spiritually. Obviously this means pulling out the kosher I.V. pumping venom into the dying body of the West. No more negro ball and electronic synagogue, no more jewish feminism and pornography, no more careerism and materialism. These semitic evils are easily recognized and only the most debased Whites would defend allowing them to metastasize into the soul of our people. This is the devil wearing a little cap on the back of the head, offering a terrible bargain, making no attempt to disguise its diabolic intentions.

Less obvious, but perhaps even more damaging is the rot that dresses itself in robes of white, that sanctimoniously intones about the "right thing to do." Here the jew attacks Whites where we are most vulnerable, targeting our compassion, empathy for others and sense of justice. This kosher infiltration loves to disguise itself as "social justice" or JUDEO-christianity. We are told that it's our duty to die, that our nations should be dumping grounds for dangerous alien monsters, that we should forgive. And forgive. And forgive. After all, we carry the original sin of "racism" and "privilege" so any attack on us, no matter how appalling, moronic and senseless, is justified.

If we're going to have a future we must accept, right now, that our enemies will vilify us and we need to learn to live with it. The fear of being called a name or told we're not "good" by a vile outsider that wants us exterminated has to be discarded. "Jay-sus" does not want you hating yourself or committing suicide.

Indianapolis police arrested an 18-year-old man late Sunday on murder charges for the death of Amanda Blackburn.

I'm sure you all remember the national coverage, the speeches from the mulatto sodomite, the massive outrage at this vomit-inducing tale of negro criminality. Wait, my mistake, it got the memory hole treatment. Another forgotten victim of the War on Whites, another incremental move toward the jewish goal of White genocide.

Detectives with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department arrested Larry Taylor, 18, on a slew of charges, including murder, felony murder and burglary.

Yeah, a "slew." Maybe we shouldn't be using goofy folksy language to describe a system that showed depraved indifference to the endless negro pathology until this walking piece of dog shit murdered a White woman. Now maybe the turd creature will get a few years in the "crib" on our dime, if we're lucky and the "races" justice system doesn't fuck it up completely. Why are these dangerous, idiotic and savage animals sharing our living space?

Worthless animals in hush crime horror.

Two other suspects, Jalen Watson and Diono Gordon, were also arrested Sunday in connection with the case. Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry said DNA found on a sweater used to mask the face of a suspect using Blackburn's ATM card matched Watson.

Physical evidence, the most "races" thing of all, even worse than I.Q. testing. A negro moron tries to use the ATM card of the woman it murdered and even the 90 I.Q. police can't botch this one. Shrunken frontal lobes converge with the content of the character, pull the wool over the stone age features, that should work. 

Police said the three suspects conducted three burglaries on the morning of Nov. 10, ending at the Blackburn's Sunnyfield Court home.

Burglary gone wrong, random incident, unlikely to ever happen again. Still wondering if you need to be armed? 

Forgotten victims of the "diversity."

Blackburn was shot in the head during the break-in. Her husband, pastor Davey Blackburn, came home to find her unresponsive. She died less than a day later of her injuries.

It's bad and all, but I sure don't want to be called names by the jew so we'll pretend this is some sort of isolated incident and not the increasing escalation of the one-sided and undeclared race war targeting slumbering Whites.

Davey released a statement Monday morning on the arrest

You might want to grab an air sickness bag before you read any further.

My hope is for 3 things in the weeks and months to come

Somehow "deporting the negro monster and the jew that unleashed it" won't be making the list.

(1) That the court system would have wisdom on how to prosecute this man, so that no one else endures the pain Amanda and our family have had to endure because of his actions.

Please, "races" court, don't fall for the Dindu Nuffin defense that we'll be hearing. Drop the heavy hammer of punishment, consisting of a bed, three square meals, cable television, weight rooms and basketball courts and all the down-low sodomy the negro wants.

(2) That through all of this and although there will be great consequences for his actions, he would become truly sorry for what he has done and would even begin to experience the life-transforming power of the Grace and Mercy of Jesus Christ.

You might as well pray for Satan to repent. Please, lawd jay-sus, miracle this hate-filled 70 I.Q. brain into actually feeling bad about brutally murdering my wife for no good reason. Bless its shit-colored skin and may your divine hand guide its jail-house love life. Also, I love Israel.

Get out of your false, jew-ruined church, White man.

(3) That Jesus would give me and our family a heart of forgiveness.

Please help me with my physically sickening debasement.

Nothing wrong with these monsters that can't be fixed by more do-gooding!

Though everything inside of me wants to hate, be angry, and slip into despair I choose the route of forgiveness, grace and hope.

I have to battle against the healthy and normal righteous indignation I should be feeling and instead fall into a coma of making excuses for and attributing human thoughts and emotions to soulless "African Americans."

If there is one thing I've learned from Amanda in the 10 years we were together, it's this: Choosing to let my emotions drive my decisions is recipe for a hopeless and fruitless life.

How about letting logic and common sense have the wheel for awhile, at least? 

Today I am deciding to love, not hate. Today I am deciding to extend forgiveness, not bitterness.

Today my morning meal is coming back up from the stomach and pouring out of my mouth as partially digested chunks. 

By Jesus' power at work within us, the best is STILL yet to come. Even when I don't see it, I believe it to be true.

His wife and her unborn baby were taken by creatures from an anthropology text. Better days are surely ahead, days of an empty bed, a child with no mother, a dead nation rapidly being devoured by the kosher necrosis. We're not going to hope and love our way out of this mess. It's time to wake up and get to work.

Police say Amanda was 12 weeks pregnant with the couple's second child at the time of her death.

The most pathetic thing is I'm more upset by this crime than her husband apparently is.

Call 6 Investigates has learned Larry Taylor has been arrested twice before.

I know, I was surprised too.

"One of the hardest things in this whole process is knowing he's not going to grow up with Amanda," Davey said. "She was the perfect mom. I wish every mom in the world could've learned from her. I wish every wife in the world could've learned from her."

Now she's gone, but at least you can still pretend to be a "good" person. 

There was another burglary two houses down of the Blackburn house around 5:30 a.m. the morning of her death, and police believe the two are connected.

You know what, I think they might be right!

"Our neighborhood was so close," Davey said. "It was such a seemingly safe neighborhood. This has devastated all the neighbors. We knew all the neighbors. ... We're just as confused as everybody else."

I thought we were safe in our White neighborhood, but the "diversity" is coming to your doorstep. A high trust White area gets injected with negro pathology, all in accordance with the jewish plans.

"The only thing that's necessary for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing," Eric Hench of IMPD said.

Yeah. No shit.

Monday, November 23, 2015

New Orleans: 17 Shot at Negro Party

Detroit might have sunken to deeper content of their character created depths, but New Orleans will always have the dubious honor of being the American city that fully descended into African America first. We saw the criminality, the savages in the streets and a negro ball stadium, the collapse of any rule of law, the all against all, looting negro police officers and floating brown bodies. This was the chocolate city, a portion of the U.S.S.A. completely transformed into Dark Continent pathology. No lessons were learned, the corrupt leadership was rewarded for this spectacular failure and the evolutionary dead-ends certainly aren't getting any better. The time has come to honestly address the negro failure. The time has come for their removal.

Police in New Orleans searched on Monday for a motive and suspect or suspects in a shooting that wounded 17 people in a crowd of several hundred who had gathered for a weekend block party and music video filming.

Let us put on our deerstalker's caps and analyze possible motivations of this typical "African American" malfunction. Could it have been related to "muh dikk?" Was it tribal warfare? It will take time, lots of time, to sort through the unbelievable complexity of a failed race.

It was too soon to say whether there were multiple gunmen who opened fire Sunday evening at a playground in the city's Upper 9th Ward, said New Orleans Police Department spokesman Frank Robertson.

Those always dangerous "gunmen." Race erased, blame the gun, give up your rights so you can be "safe."

"We do believe that there was a group of individuals shooting at each other," Robertson said.

Well, yeah. It's not the like the guns jumped up on their own and started plugging simians. We can be relatively certain it was being held in a coal-colored paw.

The amazing "diversity" of Chocolate City street crime.

The discovery of an additional victim raised the number of wounded to 17, he said on Monday. The initial 16 people reported as injured suffered either a "direct gunshot wound" or a "graze wound" and had all been listed in stable condition.  

Fortunately the considerable genetic limitations of the jungle monster, such as knowing how to correctly hold and aim a firearm, turn a presidential dry-tears open shooter massacre to a mere Black Friday run on the emergency room. Don't worry, Whites will get the bill for repairing the living fossils.

A large crowd was gathered in the park at the time for an unpermitted block party and the impromptu filming of a music video, according to police. 

Unpermitted. That's hard to believe, knowing what a responsible citizen and good little democracy participant the average Future Rapper American is.

Two groups began shooting at each other and then immediately ran from the scene, witnesses told police.
Just another day in a dead nation. 

 You're doing a great job there brownie.

Friday, November 20, 2015

White Beauty vs. Negro Ugliness

What makes up the black lives that matter so much? First the evolutionary dead-end survives being murdered in the womb and is born into a bastard brood funded by the White tax-paying sucker. If the living fossil survives "worst crime ever" gang reprisals and public school gladiator training it will then go on to its own path of welfare addiction and moronic criminality. The negro randomly wanders around, looking for objects to eat, smoke or fornicate with. If none of those are possible, it's time to ruin it. These are your equals.

At some point, usually right before the police bullets make it more aerodynamic, the alien monster prepares to turn its life around, go to college, become a brain surgeon, grain pyramid engineer or rapper. This amazing redemption plan is generally expressed by attacking a Hindu in furtherance of theft, walking down the center of a street and meeting a bloody end at the hands of the five-oh. Those that never turn around that life simply settle into a lifetime of dependency, idiocy and sickening pathology. These lives matter, much more than yours you White devil.

One young student at Georgia Southern University (GSU) is learning the consequences for publicly criticizing the racially-charged protests at the University of Missouri after being fired from her job and having a number of her fellow classmates demand her expulsion. 

What part of "all animals are equal, some much more so" don't you understand? A beautiful White woman questioned the communist ugliness, the two-legged bowel movements that are above all criticism. The cultural marxist system swings into action as "powerless" and "oppressed" tar people do their best to destroy her life, with plenty of help from that friendly merchant who always seems to be behind the societal decay and chaos.

Emily Faz, a senior at the public university, shared a November 14 Washington Times article on Monday that reported on how some Mizzou protesters and Black Lives Matter activists were upset that the Paris attacks were stealing the media spotlight.

The mind and anti-soul of the "educated" shit monster. The suicide of Europe distracted everyone from their pathetic little temper tantrum. "Everything be racist" is forced to take a back seat to France's self-destructive generosity literally exploding in their face. "Pay 'tention to meeeeeee!!!!!" shrieks the worthless failed branch of humanity as the dead kuffirs are laid to rest and Whites begin to wonder what sort of horrific future awaits if we don't wake up immediately.

Faz wrote above the link, “I swear if I see this B.S. at Southern I will make you regret even knowing what a movement or a hashtag is, and you’ll walk away with your tail tucked.”

This White woman has more courage and decency than almost every White male in the U.S.S.A. We should be ashamed.

Beautiful inside and out.

She continued on to say, “The whole black lives matter movement is misguided and out of hand. Maybe no one likes or takes y’all seriously because no one can see past your egotistical bullshit."

Whites are waking up. Nationalism and populism are dominating in the polls. The jew communist is scared. 

According to the WJCL 22, that post soon went viral at the GSU campus and infuriated some African-American students who took the post as a threat. Responses to Faz’s opinion on Twitter were fierce.

Communism means worship of death, decay and ugliness. An attractive and spiritually healthy White woman is their worst nightmare, the image they want destroyed more than anything. The mask of "tolerance" slips off revealing the strident jewish evil beneath. It was never about "equality," it was always about hate-filled jealousy directed against Whites. If they can't debase us with kosher feminism, materialism, nihilism, jew pornography and the guilt cult the attacks become much more direct.

The GSU NAACP staged a “Black Out, Walk Out” on Tuesday in response to Faz’s post and issued demands to the school. 

Don't let the door hit you on the way out, Homo erectus.

“I think it’s important to know the difference between freedom of speech and a threat, and it seems like when it comes from a white student at this school, that sometimes the line is being blurred because of who it comes from,” KeyAnna Tate, a participant in the walk out, told the Statesboro Herald.  

Muh democracy, the mush-mind of the "educated" stone age leftover. When you're White everything you say is a threat is what I gather from this word salad. Indeed, our very existence provokes the lower races. They hate White beauty, they hate White nobility, they hate White intelligence and creativity. Maggots crawling on the dead remains of our university system scream about the "Butterfly privilege."

Some of these student activists called for Faz to be expelled and the school president, Jean Bartels, issued a statement on the matter and acknowledged the numerous calls for disciplinary action to be taken against the offending co-ed. 

Punish the thought crime! Send her to a gulag!

Bartels appeared to conclude Faz’s post was protected by the First Amendment and could not result in punishment.

Wow, that's very White of you.

However, the young student appears to have lost her job at the local Wild Wing Cafe franchise over the controversy, according to Everything Georgia. Some activists had urged supporters to call the restaurant about Faz prior to her dismissal.

The price of resistance. It's only going to go up. I hope all of you have counted the cost and are prepared to pay it.

Full Story.

The jew behind the zoo.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Gladiator Training in Negro Science Class

Ideas like "democracy" and "don't kill each other" generally fail to register in the minuscule frontal lobes of the average negro. The high ideals of Western Society, the triumph of classical liberalism that allowed White men to build prosperous nations and subdue the natural world, mean nothing to a failed race that has little comprehension of reality beyond feeding bestial impulses and absolutely no concern for a future its inferior mind can't even visualize. Explaining that actions have consequences is a waste of time, the only way to keep the negro in a somewhat docile state is the constant threat of extreme reprisals.

Otherwise this savage failed race meanders along as if walking in a dream, living in ruins and fully expecting that EBT to never run out. When Whites are gone, when the tax-paying sucker refuses to fund the pathology any more, the all against all begins. Dark monsters preying on each other against a backdrop of a fallen civilization, this is the future of the U.S.S.A. In Detroit Rot City it's the present.

Cameras roll as a teacher and student throw each other down to the floor at Mackenzie Elementary and middle school.

Welcome to the jungle. Poorly formed hominids tired of learning "White man sheeet" tear into each other in a microcosm of what will remain after the kosher collapse. Monsters without minds or souls clash in a pointless and savage struggle. We were told these creatures were our equals. We were fools to believe it.

Negroes battle in a cargo cult classroom.

Normally when videos of a school brawl emerge, it is of kids fighting, but this time it was a child and an adult.  

The struggle to find unique angles in the same typical negro failure we see every day. This was no ordinary gladiator training, no sir! There was an adult involved, haven't seen that recently.

Who's to blame for this science class turned wrestling ring?  

White "racists?"

Singleton, a 7th grade student, is now suspended.

Uh oh, sounds like more "racist" punishments that for some reason always seem to fall on negroes and la-teen-ohs. Better get the mulatto sodomite on the case.

The usual high-quality footage of our national suicide.

She says the teacher, Ms. Burns was ticked off students were throwing paper around the class and at her. Singleton said someone called the teacher the b-word. Diamonique laughed and the teacher thought she said it.

Living fossils throwing papers and using the "b-word." This is the "African American" science hour, the rigorous academic environment that might well produce the next magic negro doctor. Study hard, evolutionary dead-ends, someone has to build those grain pyramids.

"That's when she got in front of me," Singleton said. "Saying I'm a 'b' and she started calling me 'b' and I said 'No I didn't even say that.' She was like, 'OK b you got me f'd up.'"

I've got a great idea: let them vote, give them endless handouts and make them immune to criticism. 

"I pushed her hand again then she pushed me," she said. "I pushed her back and we started fighting."

We hold these truths to be self-evident...

Diamonique's sister Shamika says it was the teacher who crossed the line.

When the negro fights with any kind of authority, it's always the authority's fault. I beee good gurl turning dat lyfe round, gwine go to dat cow-ledge. Dat teech bee-atch be pushin' muh nigga body (Ah! Ah!).
A Detroit Public Schools spokesperson called the fight unfortunate and disturbing, saying it is conducting a thorough investigation and, upon completion, will issue the appropriate disciplinary action.

Yeah, it's really too bad.

Unfortunate and disturbing.

Bailey said teachers are working in tough conditions and overcrowded classrooms.

We're not even going to mention the low I.Q., the poor impulse control, the "muh dikk" issues...let's just say it's "overcrowded" (just like our prisons!) and leave it at that.

Even so Singleton is shouldering some of the blame for what happened.

Really? Could we be seeing the first ever display of genuine remorse from a child-demon?

FOX 2: "Do you wish that you didn't push her back?"

"Yeah, because it got me in a bad situation," she said. Singleton could be facing expulsion.

The complex moral reasoning of a stone age leftover. It was bad because I got in trouble. Never mind the person you hurt and of course you're not going to consider the damage you're doing to society as a whole. No, the sun rises and sets on your bloated tar-colored ass. This is why deportation is the only solution.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Bodymore's Deadliest Year

The ability to connect cause and effect has not only been lost, but this basic logic is outright vilified by our State Religion. Predicting the disasters that will follow unbelievably moronic decisions is "races" and a mortal sin against the ruling synagogue. The full vindication that follows is obviously caused by some unknown outside force, possibly witchcraft or evil Whites, certainly not whatever hateful parsimony the thought criminals are suggesting. If the flood of moe-ham-head aliens brings rape and violence, that's Europe failing to be "tolerant" and maybe global warming. If jewish money voodoo crashes Muh Economy that's because we're not bringing in enough la-teen-oh welfare colonists and you're not paying enough taxes, Whitey. If we blame the police for the predictable negro pathology and crime sky rockets as officers are afraid to do their jobs, well let's see what incorrect 2 + 2 = 5 conclusions our enemies will offer up this time.

Baltimore isn't just back to 1990s-level homicide rates. It has surpassed them — and with a month and a half to go before the year's end.

It's almost as if there are consequences to attacking the rule of law in a city already carpet-bombed into oblivion by the content of their character. No one wants to interfere in the tribal warfare and lose their job and possibly life, the protective hand of White civilization is removed and everything falls apart. This is the future of the "diverse" U.S.S.A. Identical looking and behaving nightmare creatures preying on each other, wondering aimlessly through the crumbling ruins build by a White man that is long gone, going to grandma's and turning the life around, about to go to college, gentle and intelligent, killing each other without hesitation. 

Given the city's smaller population today, and the stack of killings that occurred in recent days, 2015 has officially become the deadliest year, per capita, in Baltimore history.

Congratulations cultural marxists, you have proven just how much the negro life matters.

The negro got what it asked for.

A man stabbed to death became the 300th homicide victim of 2015 on Saturday, the first time the city has reached that gruesome milestone since 1999.

Will we see United Kaliphate-style calls for "knife control" after this tragic loss of another nigga body (Ah! Ah!)?

As of Tuesday evening, five more men had been shot dead, pushing the city's per capita homicide rate — based on the recent population estimate of 622,793 residents — to 48.97 per 100,000 residents. That breaks the record of 48.77 homicides per 100,000 residents set in 1993, when there were an estimated 723,802 city residents and the city hit its highest number of killings ever, with 353. 

Oh well, probably just some crazy coincidence. Say, is that Africa Ball on the talmudvision? 
Half child, half devil.

There have been 21 homicides in November alone with nearly half the month left — continuing a trend of more than a killing per day since the April death of Freddie Gray and the subsequent unrest.

Sure is funny how that turned out, but who could have possibly predicted it other than "races" Whites? I mean, usually the negro does fine when left to its own devices. Just look at Africa with its vibrant witchcraft murders, G.R.I.D.S., necklacing, jenkem, shit huts, voodoo doctor presidents, etc.

Jeffrey Ian Ross, a criminologist at the University of Baltimore, said the fact Baltimore has reached a new per capita homicide record is as noteworthy as it reaching its 300th homicide of the year.

I'd like to keep my communist indoctrination center sinecure, so I'll pretend this is some impenetrable mystery.

Maryland U.S. Attorney Rod J. Rosenstein agreed the per capita rate is important, and said it is "heartbreaking to be not only back to where we were, but to be worse."

Rosenstein, eh? Must be German. Every. Single. Time.

The jew behind the rot.

"I don't think anybody anticipated that things could turn around so quickly."

Who could have possibly foreseen this, bleats a criminal jew bastard. Well, I did and so did every other awake White person. It's like Nostradamus, wow, who could have guessed that actually gets paid to predict and prevent these meltdowns.

While other cities have seen spikes in killings this year, Baltimore's new per capita high sets it apart. For example, Chicago is nearing 450 homicides on the year, a big increase from recent years.

Rahm's Chicago plantation is also a total and complete mess of tribal warfare and brown hominids tearing into each other, blasting suckas sittin' in da cah an sheeet, if that makes you feel any better, Bodymore.

Washington is way up this year, to 144. But that's well below the 472 it saw at its peak in 1990, amounting to a vastly lower per capita rate.

Hmmmmm, what do all those cities have in common. I know! They're all near large bodies of water! Must be water causing the jungle warfare! Can I now have a highly paid make-work job in Stalinist office? I promise I won't notice reality or say or think anything that hasn't been approved by big jew.

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and Police Commissioner Kevin Davis have both lamented the homicide rate and have promised to keep fighting to curb it.

Speaking of incompetent individuals in make-work jobs. Must be nice to fail this miserably and still get that check from the shrinking base of tax-paying suckers.

"I'm thinking about the families that are losing their loved ones, and the senselessness of violence," Rawlings-Blake said. "We are not giving in to the violence."
Sheeeet, thinn of deem famblies an sheeet. Dat durrr ban-al-itty off ebil, doe.

Davis said it was "important to pause and vow to continue our collective fight to find a better path forward."

Please 90 I.Q. police force, endanger your own job and even freedom over worthless savages.

 Stimulus and response.

T.J. Smith, Davis' spokesman, said Tuesday that the department will be announcing a "new community stabilization initiative" soon, though he declined to provide details.

LOLtimore. Why yes, I do get paid to create "initiatives" with goofy names and absolutely no substance. 

"There's a sweet spot that the police department and the state's attorney's office need to agree on, where the police are being proactive but not overzealous," Rosenstein said.

Talmudic reasoning from the nation-wrecker. Hit that sweet spot, where you ignore most negro pathology but somehow prevent the worst of it. Good luck, I'll be rooting for you while I sit behind a giant desk farting through silk.

"There is no switch you can turn off to drop the homicide rate in half, which is what we need to do."

You might want to try that switch labelled "Deport all negroes to Africa." You'll be surprised at how effective it is. 

 Monkey's paws wish.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Negro Pathology 101

The Communist Indoctrination Center or "college" exists to instill right think and generate massive amounts of student loan geld for our jewish enemy. As far as debt generation is concerned, with the attendant "I can't have White children, I owe 100k to a kosher diploma mill," this swindle could not be more successful. After all, everyone should go to college: negroes, the retarded, people in persistent vegetative states, you name it. It will mean a "good job" as an unemployable usury slave. All major credit cards accepted.

The shekels keep pouring in, but what about the mind-washing into accepting modern flat-earth ideas like "sticking objects up your rectum is heroic" and "the negro is just an overcooked White?" Until recently, the results were quite positive, students were absorbing the jewish fictions and then parroting them in embarrassing displays of debasement. Then the negro, which until then was expected to at least make an attempt at the minimum standards of human behavior, discovered their violent tantrums would not be seriously opposed. We be entering da age aww big chimping up in dat Ivy Leeg an sheet.

This is where we are now, 80 I.Q. negroes on full scholarships hooting and ooking about "Nigga bodies [Ah! Ah!]" while White debtors watch this sickening display with bemusement and growing discomfort. The crime thought starts to break through the kosher mind fog. Maybe professor Goldberg wasn't being fully honest.

Hundreds of Dartmouth students and community members participated in the blackout protest last night. I was proud to be one of them.

Let's hear from the White college victim, proudly marching with animals that want him violently dead, meekly joining in the chants of "four legs good, two legs bad" so as not to seem "races." 

But I didn’t make it to the end of the protest, by which time a small group of participants had descended to aggressive verbal harassment of their fellow students.

Take up the White Man's Burden, march in a meaningless and childish "protest" against a dead nation that has done nothing but grovel before the negro monster and the jewish zookeeper for over fifty years. Then the typical "African American" behavior ruined everything. Reality in all its ugly shit tones and screeching animal sounds reared its ugly head, destroying the fantasy world of our State Religion.

Structural racism is a reality in the United States, and students all around are beginning to take note.

Witchcraft and black magic is a reality and peasants and witchfinders are beginning to take note.

Down with Western Civilization!

We have all read bout tensions at the University of Missouri. Racism at Dartmouth takes on a more subtle form, but it is alive and well.

Here we can't even gin up obviously false stories about evil Whites in pick-up trucks, presumably singing about the "trampling at the zoo" while menacing black bodies. Still, we have lots of face and thought crime, Whites are failing to show the proper glazed over lobotomized bliss in the presence of the "diversity." I might have even seen a frown once.

We saw it when, just hours after the NAACP put up a display of t-shirts to commemorate the 74 unarmed people killed by police this year, which included 28 black shirts to represent unarmed black people killed by police, the shirts were torn down. 

Not every White person is content to sit in the corner, look at the wall and salivate over a ball gag, it would seem. 

Students around the country have organized a “blackouts” in response to racist incidents and in solidarity with students who do not feel safe on their college campuses.

It's hard to imagine a more appropriate name. The power goes out, civilization dies, the dark monster emerges to prey upon feckless Whites, a nation dies. 

I bee gettin' dat larn on an sheet.

Following a short speech, the crowd walked to Dartmouth Hall, shouting in protest and singing “We shall overcome.”

Overcome what, exactly? The endless suicidal generosity? The hand-outs, the preferences, the free tuition, the sinecure jobs, the welfare, the negro appeasement in the face of repeated and predictable failure? Maybe try to overcome that considerable genetic inferiority and realize it's impossible.  

Several minutes of silence followed the speech in honor of the people who have lost their lives to police violence.

Rule of law is "races!" Gentle giants, good boys, turning that life around, about to go to college, going to Grandma's, Jesus Christ, unarmed, didn't stuff drug money into mouth, room brightening smile, future Ivy League African American Studies major or rapper, etc.

An anonymous 19 student who was studying in Novack describes the incident that followed.

What could possibly go wrong? Jungle savages hopped up on "down with Whitey" are unleashed into an academic environment created by Whites, for Whites. I'm sure there will be lots of polite "dialogues" and opportunities to share your precious feelings. 

“I was sitting in Novack studying when a large group of protestors came in chanting ‘black lives matter.’ They gathered in the center of Novack amongst the tables where there were a number of people working peacefully.

The students that study instead of bawling about the White devil are getting better grades! Must be "racism!"

They kept shouting and started banging on tables. They demanded that people stand up to show their solidarity. Those who did not stand were targeted and questioned.

Muh Elite University. Get up, you creepy azz craka, you bee afrophobic an sheeet. 

Today's lesson: How to loot a dead nation.

There was a girl studying in one of the study rooms in Novack and the protestors stormed the room. She closed the door on one of the protestors which resulted in rage from many protestors. The girl then exited silently through the crowd while protestors screamed at her calling her a white bitch.

The content of their character. There might have been an unkind glance in my general direction once, so these open attacks on the most vulnerable Whites available are completely justified. 

At one point the protestors crowded around a guy sitting on his laptop and stared at him screaming at him ‘If we cant study, you can’t study.'”

The mighty strength of "diversity," it sure isn't an ugly death cult, that's for sure.

The student who was being yelled at questioned the movement’s aggressive tactics, and went on to identify himself as a being a part of the Latino community.

Eyyyy negro loco, I beee parrr aw da la-teen-oh meeenteeee, I theeeennnk. Hurry up and die, U.S.S.A.

The large group of protestors began to move up and yell at students on first floor Berry. Students were again yelled at to stand up in support of the protest, and many did so, either out of support or fear.

For fear of the jew, for fear of the worthless animal it uses as a biological weapon. You want that careerism and materialism, don't you? You wouldn't ruin that by standing up for yourself, right?

 Oooga booga, we be college nao.

After making a girl cry, a protestor screamed “Fuck your white tears.”

The negro appeasement is making them better, can't you see it?

From what I witnessed, a small number of the protestors resorted to aggressive verbal harassment. I didn’t see any physical aggression.

I stood there like a gelded coward while my women were being attacked. I'm a good progressive, just look at this report card and student loan debt statement.

I chose to leave the event before it was over.

All the pathologies of White America in one pathetic anecdote. "I groveled in front of shit-colored scum and when that failed I ran off, leaving my women to fend for themselves against the criminal hominids."

I am a proud supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement, but I was ashamed at what the protest turned into.

Cognitive dissonance is one hell of a drug.

Moreover, I believe that the protest ended up alienating many supporters and potential supporters of the movement.

It's almost like the "African American" really is unintelligent, violent, lacking in impulse control and future time orientation and full of jealousy-fueled hatred for Whites, but that's "races" and therefore untrue.

As a white male coming from a privileged background, I will never be able to fully understand the anger and outrage of the protestors who were screaming at people in the library. 

What an ugly kosher suicide cult you've joined. Hopefully you can be deprogrammed before it's too late, but if this is the lesson you come away with after witnessing typical negro failure I don't see much cause for optimism.

The jew and the zoo.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Vibrant Multi-Cultural Society Stands Strong

Please watch the following video.

France has surrendered. In sixteen pathetic seconds we see the death rattle of a dying nation, the last pitiful gasps of "tolerance" and "serving your own stomach and genitals is the highest good, never mind that you're being displaced in your own homeland." Proud French, triumphing over "terror," which by the way is often done by White Christians you "races," scatter like quail. Every man for himself, all against all, the day when the courage of Whites fails, when the Men of the West forsake their friends and die alone and terrified. A meaningless memorial, a pile of garbage on the ground, trampled underfoot. Whatever it was supposed to represent forgotten in the mad dash to escape the coming dark nightmare.

Run France! Run for your lives! Certainly your kosher criminal government that wants you dead will come to your rescue. With this sad game of candle foot the multi-cult fails, the lies we were fed collapse, whatever illusions we were sold about a salad bowl society fall away to reveal the laughing death's head beneath. What remains of White Europe stands at the converging roads, one road well-paved and traveled leading to White Genocide and complete disaster, the other a lonesome and rocky trail that will eventually lead to the restoration of the West, if we have the courage to walk it. Choose carefully.

A nation is not a flag, it's not an invisible line on a map, it's not ethnic food and vibrant music, it certainly isn't a pile of shit on the ground for the latest War on Whites victims. It's shared genetics, culture and religion. It's a national vision that unifies, not pitiful "The invaders will stop killing their benefactors and maybe even show a modicum of gratitude" bleating that we heard from the bastards running France into the ground. The mess that is El-France is not a nation, it's a roiling jewish sea of pathology, violence, hedonism and spiritual cancer. It is a polite and well-washed tyranny that will soon completely collapse into moe-ham-head pathology and open tribal warfare. Based on the one hundred meter dash, the next event in the national suicide decathlon, seen above, there's little cause for optimism.

Maybe bomb Syria, that will make it all better, right? My house is full of rats, better go kick over a nest of them ten miles away. This is logical. Most of the moe-ham-heads are good people, just ask any nation-wrecker. Europe must be flooded, but hey, how about a diversionary war that benefits Israel? Let's put a boot in their ass, yee-haw. Why do we keep falling for these obvious kosher cons? Also, get ready for more "women and children" fleeing "French bombs," but you knew that already.

We tried to warn you, tried to talk you down from national suicide. The facts weren't interesting, not compared to the Africa Ball, and you didn't want to offend the jew parasite within the body politic that hates you. Six million went up a chimney you awful nawrtzee. You called us made-up names, pointed toward your careerism and materialism as if that somehow redeemed your spiritual leprosy. Now the "races" is fully vindicated, but it's the usual cold comfort. You only had to listen. Now you die. R.I.P. France.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Hush Crime: Swedish Woman Raped and Sodomized by "Refugees"

Europe is about to enter a new Dark Age, one from which there will be no rebirth. What happens in the next few years, maybe the next few months, will seal the fate of White homelands. The choices are standing up for your ancestors and homeland and removing the invading scum while the jewish enemy wails in disapproval or staggering into the mass grave of "multiculturalism," landing on the corpses of Swedenistan, El-France and the United Kaliphate and taking the bullet of dhimmitude and demographic annihilation right behind the ear. Getting called names or death, choose carefully White man. A golden age of nationalism and racial solidarity or the endless dark night where the moon cult morlocks emerge to prey on Scandinavian eloi, to devour their benefactors and condemn humanity to an eternal nightmare of superstition and savagery.

Right now the "let's die quietly and watch our women by defiled until we're told to look at the wall" side is winning.

Details have emerged of a shocking double rape suffered by a woman near a migrant center in Sweden, during which one of the attackers spat in her face.

One is forced to wonder how many of these crimes never see the light of day, how many of our women are physically and spiritually destroyed by worthless moe-ham-head turds. Just ignore the blonde victims, you don't want to be "xenophobic" or even g*d forbid "afrophobic," do you? Ignore the jew behind it, stay asleep, die. Europe is in a coma, lying on what could well be its death bed, while our enemies are awake, stalking, hunting, calling us made-up and meaningless words, committing appalling crimes against the most vulnerable victims, reminding us that it's the right thing to do.

The incident, which occurred at the end of August, serves as yet another reminder that Europe is importing huge numbers of people from a culture which treats women as second class citizens.

It took several months for this appalling act of war to see the light of day and then only on "races" websites like this one. By deception they wage war. Europeans aren't having children thanks to the kosher spiritual toxins coursing through collapsing veins. You don't want your precious Europe to die, do you goyim? The solution, obviously, is to import genetic, cultural and religious aliens. The jew is here to "repair the world," to reward our foolish trust with a knife in the back.

The attack began after 2pm on August 23 when the victim left a restaurant in Strängnäs situated near the Hotel Mälarblick, which is currently being used to house asylum seekers.

Time for "asylum seekers" to display their gratitude for our suicidal generosity. The very real "rape culture" has arrived, to deafening silence from jew feminists.

The woman was followed by a 39-year-old Algerian man who subsequently assaulted and raped her before fleeing.

What in the blue hell is an Algerian rapist doing in Sweden? Have we lost our fucking minds?

As the woman attempts to walk towards the center of Strängnäs to get help, she is accosted yet again by two more Muslim men, one a 31-year-old Syrian migrant, who violently rapes her both vaginally and anally while spitting in her face, according to Deputy Chief Prosecutor Henrik Olin.

Raped by a foreign invader, goes for help, gets raped and sodomized by Syrian "women and children" fleeing "war." Here's your reward for "tolerance." Welcome to multicultural mode which you must enter in order to survive.

Wake. The. Fuck. Up.

It subsequently emerged that the Syrian migrant also sexually assaulted another woman in the same restaurant earlier that day by pressing his crotch against her and trying to kiss her. 

Vibrancy. Cool and hip, willing to press that crotch against you, not like stiff and awkward White men. Sodomizing a woman who has already been raped is just part of their culture, you have to learn to understand it you "races."

I feel like I'm going to vomit. Imagine this happening to your wife or daughter. We are in a war for our own survival against a satanic enemy and we're losing badly.

Olin is calling for the culprits to be deported from Sweden after serving their prison sentences.

Whoa, calm down you "races" we all know every violent brown death cult sex monster has a g*d-given right to Sweden. Let them serve their three month sentence or whatever joke it is and then get back to collecting welfare and committing heinous crimes.

Rapes in Sweden have skyrocketed by a shocking 1472% since the mid-70’s, with 6,620 sexual assaults being reported to police in 2014 compared to just 421 in 1975. The country is now known as the rape capital of the west.

Someone's doing the raping and it isn't Whites.

“77.6 percent of the country’s rapists are identified as “foreigners. And even this likely understates the issue, since the Swedish government — in an effort to obscure the problem — records second-generation Muslim perpetrators simply as “Swedes.”

Hey, is that Africa Ball on the talmudvision? Everything's fine, at least a quarter of the women are being brutalized and defiled by "Swedes." 

Rapes occurring in and around migrant camps are now so prevalent, that authorities in Germany are covering up details of incidents so as not to “legitimize” critics of mass immigration.

Yeah. This is happening. Right now.

Full Story.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Light of the World: New York Jews Steal from Disabled Children

We live in a age of lies, of spiritual poison, of pervasive violence and animosity directed at the productive and civilized elements that still remain. The White tax-paying sucker is officially public enemy number one, while the excuses and deceptions for the brown scum continue even in an era where the facts are easily accessed by anyone who actually cares. If you're White and not in a career coma or a delusional haze of do-gooding you already hate the jewish evil, you just might be lacking a name for it.

The evil, after all, loves to wear masks, whether its "civil rights," or those darn liberals or the communists that we're assured don't actually exist and never did so stop worrying. Behind that facade lies rats that walk upright and wear human clothing, the demonic outsider, the traveling merchant with the carpet bag, the producer and his couch, the phony patriot who wants "conservative values," the nation-wrecker and his schemes, the jew.

A New York rabbi and three others were indicted for stealing over $12.4 million in public aid for disabled pre-schoolers and using it to spruce up their homes, get catering discounts and fund a relative's cosmetics business, authorities said on Tuesday.

The anti-soul of the devil's chosen people, the unbelievable con job from our hell-spawned misfortune. It stole from crippled toddlers. The jew is evil incarnate. We were fools to allow it to run wild, to allow it access to the levers of power. We paid and continue to pay a heavy price for our ignorance in the face of diabolic intent.

The four men, who had ties to one of the city's largest providers of special education services for disabled pre-schoolers, were due in court on Tuesday on criminal charges in a 42-count indictment, including grand larceny, identity theft, and falsifying business records, Queens District Attorney Richard Brown said in a statement.

Oy, must be anti-semitism! Another holohoax, the precious four who just wanted a cosmetic business and are hardworking and honest. Up the chimney of the court system. I'd be very surprised if any of these bastards even do one day in a prison. After all, we need the room for thought criminals and people who say the "N" word.

The "goyim" is you and everyone you care about, by the way.

They are accused of stealing money meant to benefit the Island Child Development Center in Queens, a non-profit special education provider for Orthodox Jewish children aged 3 to 5.
This is how the jew will spend its eternity in hell: swindling each other, cursing God and burning. 

"It is disheartening to see a betrayal of the magnitude alleged in this indictment," Brown said in a statement.

"I can't believe that poisonous snake tried to bite me!" 

Hoffman spent $300,000 for a house redesign and diverted $15,000 to his wife's make-up business. Hiller spent $30,000 on home plumbing work, the prosecutor said.

You donation will fund pipes for jewish shit, do-gooder.

The New York State Comptroller's Office said they uncovered the fraud when the center's former executive director, Ira Kurman, ran off with his books and records just before a scheduled routine audit meeting in the summer of 2012.

Stereotypes: they don't just spring up from nothing. Typical jew behavior, grab those books and run. Maybe try the same scam again in another country?

The center received roughly $27 million in state funding between 2005 and 2012.

Keep paying those taxes, the money is used for excellent causes.

Our enemy.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

They Died for Nothing

The United States military, the American golem that fights for the interests of a tiny, virulent alien minority, is about 75% White. The special forces are even more monolithic in their make-up. This is a constant national embarrassment in an age where "White Man Bad" is the closest thing to a national vision and fewer Whites in everything one of the few remaining virtues, along with sodomy and worship of Israel. Suffice it to say efforts to bring in women that cry at the first sign of trouble and can't even bench press the bar, shiftless and dangerous negroes, natural conservative foreign invaders and sodomite mental defectives ends in pathetic failure and it's up to America's shrinking White male population to die for the jew in foreign lands.

You would think there would at least be some degree of gratitude, but again "White Man Bad." So let's celebrate the Armistice by saluting the mythical brown heroes of our armed forces and erasing Whites.

Goodbye America.

It would be hard to create a more dishonest and insulting representation of the brave defenders of jewish interests if you started with that as your stated goal. The kosher propaganda is about as ham-handed as it can get (No Aleutian Islander or muslim transsexual in full burqa? Did they run out of room?) in keeping with the marxist tradition of humiliating the shkotzim rather than try to convince them that White Genocide is actually good for us, somehow. This image is a jewish middle finger extended at veterans and Whites in general. 

Let's get past the initial rush of visceral disgust and break this turd down. On the far left we have the elderly White, the hero that fought the nawrtzees and saved the world from a nightmare of homogeneous societies, racial self-determination and national pride. He's vanishing into the background, soon to die and be forgotten, not even a useful idiot any more. He fought for nothing, his legacy can be seen in the federal reserve chosen, the perverted freaks attacking the shrinking number of normal Americans, the burning cities and rioting negro scum, the foreign invasion that we won't lift a finger to stop and it would be wrong anyway. Now to fade away, forgotten and hated as a symbol of old "races" America, a man who gave his life to the disastrous jewish century and is now tossed aside. Goodbye and thanks for the decades of communism.

Thanks for everything.

Next up we have the smiling dyke, full of blissful ignorance, while Top Gun negro stares at her with lecherous intent, perhaps contemplating some "corrective rape" on this snow hoe or possibly recruiting her for an on-base brothel. She's oblivious to this threat and indeed any threat at all. After all jewish feminism and her perverse plastic object sex habits should be sufficient protection against moe-ham-head and the predatory negro monsters she's serving with.

Dead center we have the natural conservative that came here for a better life and now fights for any cause that isn't our open southern border or is in any way at odds with Israel. See, you "races," the la-teen-oh is out risking its life to protect our Africa Ball, gay bar glory holes, jewish sitcoms and poison food. Aren't you grateful? We definitely need 40 million or so more and besides we couldn't possibly deport them, ask any cuckservative.

Our may-hee-can veterans.

What's either a White man or a low-effort Asian waves goodbye. See you later White Man! We'll be sure to keep everything running nice and smoothly when you've been exterminated because we all know race doesn't exist and is super important in everything and negroes are just sun-tanned Whites but also persecuted and hey, did you die for the jew yet? 

Then to wrap-up this shit sandwich we get more dykes, this time coal black and mystery meat. The negro is in front, of course, because all animals are equal but some much more so. And there you have it, sincere thanks from a merciless enemy that wants every last White violently dead. Enjoy the lack of mail, fly your striped negro toilet paper, shed big tears for the tar-colored heroes. So proud to be a murr-kwan where at least I know I'm free. 

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

No to Back Way

The population of Africa is projected to quadruple by 2100, a demographic disaster made possible by the insane generosity of White do-gooders, the same Whites who now find themselves squarely in the cross-hairs of this flood of worthless sewage. After all, we can't expect a huge continent full of mineral wealth and rich farmland to house the triumphant return of Homo erectus, not when there's nice defenseless Europe, full of "racism" and oppression that the dark garbage can't seem to get enough of. Bend over, White homelands, here comes a burst septic tank of identical looking and behaving "diversity," presumably fleeing the war in Syria.

Just like other young men in the Gambian village of Sabaa, Ebrima Touray dreams one day of getting married.

Muh dikk.

First, though, he must prove himself as husband material - and these days, that involves a lot more than it did for his forefathers. 

Simply grabbing your crotch and mumbling "damm beech use gott dat juicey" may not be enough anymore according to leading experts on negro behavior.

No longer is it enough to have good looks and own a decent patch of farmland. Today Mr Touray, 23, is expected risk his life on what is known as "The Back Way" - the perilous 3,000 mile journey across the Sahara and the Mediterranean in search of work in Europe. 

In a twist worthy of a O. Henry short story it turns out Mr. Touray, 23, is going to pass on the ample coal-colored posteriors provided by his stone age village, leaving behind a hut crudely thatched together with sticks, mud and human waste to seek handouts and snow hoes in Europe.

 We want Sweden!

“I want to be able to support a family, and to do that, I have to go to Europe," he said, tending the modest watermelon plot that is his only source of income. 

Watermelon plot. LOL. Better hurry negro, before the "Syrian refugees" completely strip the flesh off the dead remains and you'll have to settle for the rotting viscera of a once homogeneous and healthy civilization, instead of the delicious tongue and eyes.

"Here in our community, if you do not go, you may not be able to even get a woman to marry. I must go - all my friends, those I used to play football with, are gone already.”

Super human negro athletes and their amazing football skills, Europe needs that if it's going to survive according to a withered jew. 

A glance at the village around him proves his point. Where was once a hamlet of thatched huts with spartan furnishings now boasts numerous homes with concrete walls, running water and tin roofs, some sporting satellite TV dishes.

It's like a cargo cult version of a civilized nation. 

Nearly all of it is paid for by remittances sent from locals now in Europe, with as many as 600 of Sabaa's 4,000 residents having tried "The Back Way", according to village elders.

Thanks for the money, White devil! Now to give it to you good and hard with "The Back Way," not to be confused with "The Down Low" which pretty much everyone in this village has tried.

Some succeed, some get deported, and some die en route. Yet no matter what the odds, today the expectation is that any young man worth his salt will give it a go. 

The dream of feckless White suckers keeps them going against all odds, we must make it to the "racist" hate  nations or die in the effort.

The scale of the exodus in villages like Sabaa demonstrates the challenges facing European leaders as they hold a major summit on Wednesday in the Maltese capital, Valletta, to discuss ways of dealing with the migrant crisis. 

Where heroic knights once fought the moon cult invasion now cuckolded "leaders" gather to discuss how Europe will lie down and die. "No more foreign invasion and the removal of existing alien elements" seems a fair and equitable solution.

While the spotlight in recent months has mainly on the influx of Syrians from the east, an estimated 80,000 of the passengers on trans-Mediterranean people smuggling boats since 2014 have been from sub-Saharan Africa.

Man, that Syrian war is everywhere! 

Away from the beach resorts, it has much the same grinding poverty as the rest of West Africa - and is also one of the last countries in the region to languish under the rule of an old-school African strongman, President Yahyah Jammeh, an army officer who staged a coup 21 years ago.

Sadly not every Gambian can be on the "White Wife Breeding Team" filling up the "milk bottles" of trashy United Kaliphate miscegenation tourists. Away from this debasement it's more typical African pathology, all against all and Heart of Darkness.

Hope and change.

Mr Jammeh, whose voodoo-infused personality cult draws comparisons to Haiti's Papa Doc Duvalier, first gained notoriety in 2007, when he claimed to have invented his own herbal cure for HIV.
African science and technology. In between the pyramid building and flying they have cured GRIDS with voodoo. 

In 2009, Amnesty International also claimed that his presidential guard had force fed hallucinogenic potions to an entire village of Gambians accused of using witchcraft against him. 

Just another ordinary day in a land where the 65 I.Q. negro is left to its own devices.

The exodus, though, is not just a worry for Europe. It is also a major concern for Gambia, where the departure of so many young men is now threatening the long-term future of numerous villages like Sabaa.

Who will gather the mud and sticks for home remodeling projects?

(C)rappers supporting a good cause?

For while some of those who take "The Back Way" come back again, many more settle permanently in Europe.

Yeah. Imagine that.

Exact figures for how many Gambians have left their homeland are hard to come by, not least because it is a touchy subject for Mr Jammeh.

It's also a touchy subject for me as a White man who doesn't want to see my ancestral homelands destroyed by a plague of two-legged locusts. 

Meeting Gambian youngsters in a farming town recently, he reportedly flew into a rage at the huge show of hands when he asked if any would take "The Back Way" if given the chance. He is said to have told them: “May your souls rest in peace in the Mediterranean Sea in advance". 

Mr. Jammeh, the voodoo magician, has more sanity than most European presidents. 

Earlier this year, the US embassy in the Gambian capital, sponsored local musicians to star in a music video aimed at local youngsters called "Say No to The Back Way".

Can (c)rap music turn back the tide of White genocide and keep the negro in their own self-constructed misery? I was able to obtain, at great personal risk, a sample of this vibrant anti-immigration music.

Yo, I be livin' in a hut of shit and stick
Ain't no hoe want muh dikk
Workin' in a patch aw melons
Muh football homies in Europe be felons
I be lookin at dat back way
Every nigga in dis village down low gay

Our king bee a voodoo docter
Want get snow hoe, play premier league soccer
Got an I.Q. like da tem-pat-ture on a spring day
An I bee all bout dat back way
But now I bee swallowin' wadder
Aw sheeet, help me allah
Goin' under havin' a fit
The end ree-sult look like whale shit

Say no to dat back way 
Whites shouldn't have to pay
White genocide be wack 
Get dat jenkem take me back

Word to the The Mother.

Exorcising the immigration demons.